Light brown marquetry

INT-658 Naturtrend

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Prefabricated wood intarsia patterns require careful and delicate treatment. The vulnerability of the marquetry can be reduced by wetting. They can be cut to size and warped with a sharp tool such as a scalpel or paper scissors. Making a wood inlay is a great help when restoring old furniture or cabinet.

Light brown marquetry with wood intarsia patterns are nice wood decor.

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Width (mm) 14
Lenght (m) 1
Depth (mm) 0.6

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Marquetry making is one of the most patient and time consuming parts of the furniture industry, really beautiful wood intarsia patterns can only be achieved with careful work and love for the profession. Prefabricated wood inlay strips are well suited for veneering and restoring old furniture. The most typical use is the wood inlays framing of a veneered surface.

The thickness of the marquetry patterns is 0.6 mm, the same as the thickness of the most commonly used veneers, so it can be inserted into the veneer without any difficulty. The handling of wood intarsia patterns is no different from the handling of veneer, care must be taken that it is more vulnerable due to its small width. The risk of injury can be reduced by wetting for example.

Cutting wood inlay strips also requires a lot of care. The marquetry length measurement should be very accurate, where necessary, cut rather a several times. In order to obtain continuous wood intarsia patterns, care must be taken in fitting the patterns when you restoring old furniture.

Most types of adhesives used in the wood industry can be used for marquetry glueing. Iron can help to dry the glue faster. Be careful not to choose too high a temperature, otherwise, the veneer will discolour.

Our Naturtrend Webshop offers several wood intarsia patterns, in several colours and marquetry materials. All marquetry are made of wood, so they can be varnished as desired during the making of wood inlays at home. The INT-658 wood intarsia patterns will be the decoration of all inlaid tables and cabinets, fitting well with most furniture designs.

Is it possible to produce custom-shaped, patterned marquetry decorative elements?

There is, but since making marquetry is very time consuming, it is only worth making over 500 meters. If the production of custom-shaped marquetry is included in the request for quotation, we will not be able to start production for an order of 2,000 pieces.

An early technique whereby thick saw-cut marquetry veneer are individually inlaid into a solid wood ground, developed during the Italian Renaissance.  The term is used today in Italy to describe marquetry veneer. The wood inlays are also used today to describe designs (usually pictorial) made up of shaped solid wood permanently assembled jig-saw fashion.

Our company also deals with the production and distribution of prefabricated wood inlay strips made of wood veneer. Our marquetry wood intarsia patterns are made from classic and exotic wood.

If you like to do handicrafts making wooden frame, or you are carpenter our wood inlay banding are ideal for your job or hobby.  It’s a delicate work on a DIY frame or furniture repair, but it’s very simple to use it. And the final result will be beautiful.