Marquetry in chain form for wood art work

INT-74 Naturtrend

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Marquetry with chain motif is nice fot DIY furniture restoration. Naturtrend offer selection of intarsias for woodwork art. The wood intarsia patterns are excellent to decorate picture frames, or for little jewellery boxes and other woodworking plans.

Naturtrend webshop is nearest you order online and we received the goods by courier service till your door.

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1,50 € tax incl.

Data sheet

Width (mm) 5
Lenght (m) 1
Depth (mm) 0.6

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Home-made furniture is no longer feasible at home, and the marquetry technique that the use of our products requires of you is not really complicated. We have several tips at your disposal on our website, so you can check out what to do when glueing and cutting decorative wood strip when making marquetry and ordering unique intarsia wood patterns, for example, to use for DIY furniture restoration.

The material of all marquetry is wood, a natural material that can be varnished at the end of the making wood inlay at home. The intarsia wood patterns of the marquetry chain INT-74 will be the decoration of every inlay banding table and cabinet, it fits well with most furniture designs.

Why do so many buyers choose to marquetry?

Using the wood intarsia patterns, not only the furniture but the whole room is given a unique character. Although each style trend has its own wood inlay motifs, we don’t even have to stick to a specific style, as the point is the atmosphere created by the decoration. These creative wood raw materials are made of natural materials, so they also create a natural effect, which is an important expectation in interior design nowadays. It is not large-scale industrial products that come out of the hands of a carpenter or even a hobby DIY artist, but unique, handcrafted woodwork art, and somewhere this is the purpose of making marquetry.

How to care the intarsias under the delivery?

Today, everyone strives to get the ordered product as conveniently and safely as possible. The Naturtrend Webshop also helps you with this, as the range of wood intarsia patterns on the online interface is easy and quick to review. And our marquetry prices convince you that you should contact us. We also make sure that the intarsias in your home undamaged, so decorative wood strips are fixed to a wooden board before transport.

If you like to do handicrafts in a woodwork art project, or you are carpenter our marqetry are ideals for your job or hobby. This marquetry technique was originally centred in the Italian city of Sienna in the 11th century and much used as a wood art work to decorate church furniture and panels.

What is marquetry made of?

Our inlay banding is made from classic and exotic wood. The decorative wood strips is very simple to use, but you need a lot of time to the preparation the wood art work.

Because the furniture restoration and other woodworking plans are delicate works. But the wonderful final result of the wood art work will be the compensation. There are amazing marquetry supplies in the webshop.