Wood carving with fishes
  • Gable pediment of exotic wood
  • Carved wooden ornaments for decorating
  • To be used as kitchen ornaments, for example
  • Wood carving with fishes
  • Carved furniture ornaments are not only for use in artificial furniture tables.

Carved wooden ornaments with fish motif for furniture or doors

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Reference: FK-178
Material: Exotic wood

The FK-178 carved wooden ornaments show a symmetrically arranged fish pattern. Antique furniture restorers often use our ready-made wood appliques, quickly and comfortably achieving beautiful results when restoring furniture. Most of the wood carvings have been made of exotic wood. It behaves similarly to other types of wood, so it can be painted and varnished. Take a look at the Naturtrend wood carvings shop.

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The motif of the fish is a well-known symbol in European Christian culture. The word fish is actually the initials of the words Jesus Christ, Son of God, Redeemer when written in Greek letters. Thus it means "fish" in Greek. Metaphorically, the savior's body (fish) is "spiritual food". In other cultures, it is a symbol of eternal life, never dying, long ago it was believed that the fish never sleeps, it is constantly moving. In other pagan beliefs, it is a symbol of abundance and fertility.

Thus, it is also a frequently used motif in decorative arts worldwide. The carved furniture ornament FK-178 commemorates and carries forward this cultural-historical symbolism. Although nowadays it has only an aesthetic significance. Furniture carpenters still often choose prefabricated carved wooden ornaments for restoring furniture. Their application is significantly faster and simpler than making a carving by hand. Of course, antique furniture restorers still require dexterity for gluing and painting wood appliques.

In terms of its base material, the wood crown molding is made of rubber wood, which belongs to exotic trees. Harder than pine, softer than beech. In this way, finishing work with these carvings can be easily done - even at home - sanding and gluing. Basically, this gable pediment is sold untreated, so you can choose the surface treatment as you like, depending on the use, it can be lacquer, varnish or oil.

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Data sheet

Carvings by shape
Elongated ornaments
Ornament height
5,1 - 10 cm
Ornament width
20,1 - 40 cm

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