Wood rosettes for furniture restoration


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Wood rosettes are an essential part of decorative home decor today. The different decorative furniture mouldings ensure that we get a uniform but varied look with their use. With them, it is easier to start the furniture restoration at home.
Wood carving also ensures sustainable development, as it is made from natural raw materials, wood. We offer our RK-220 product online from exotic wood.

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Wood rosettes have always belonged to the expression of the creative man. Antique ornaments with their spiral patterns or carving flowers in wood have been used by humans for thousands of years. The Greeks decorated their churches with acanthus leaves, and Rome also used fantasy creations, vine leaves, and bay leaves for decoration. We all know the gothic wood rosettes on the windows.

Decorative furniture mouldings are part of today’s decorative art. Appearing in interior design, old wood furniture restorations at home or making decorative wood panels are almost unthinkable without them. You don't have to be a carpenter to make home-made furniture restorations with our products.

Our wooden corner moulding is made of exota wooden with floral patterns. Wood rosettes for decorating furniture and spaces, for creating a special home with a unique image.
Take a look around the Naturtrend wood corner moulding shop to find the product you need for your designs from our colorful product range.
The wooden ornaments UK a high quality carving for your projects.