Round reed for basket making
  • Round reed for basket making
  • Basket cane, round reed for basket making, rattan core for craft ideas
  • Rattan as basket weaving material
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Basket cane, round reed for basket making, rattan core for craft ideas

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The rattan core is a really versatile material with many possible uses: first of all, it is a great basket cane. But it being a good basket weaving material also makes it viable for many other DIY projects: you can use round reed to make diffusers or rattan sticks, not to mention your own, unique craft ideas! It is available with 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10mm diameters, all with circular cross-section.

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The rattan core is available with 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10mm diameters, all with circular cross-section.


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This basket cane’s material is rattan, the longest stemmed terrestrial plant in the world: it can reach a length of 300 meters. It is particularly firm and flexible. Our round reed is made of the plant’s inner parts, which are easy to form when wet. The rattan core is therefore a great basket weaving material, but aside from being a real basket cane, it can be used for many DIY projekts, such as repairing wicker chairs or fulfilling your own craft ideas. It can also be varnished or pickled, its surface is easily treatable.

A home with a pleasant smell calms and relaxes. Most fragrances are associated with emotions, sights, and memories, thus shaping the harmony of our environment, which is why we all strive to achieve it. One of the most ancient ways of perfuming a home is when water that turns into steam carries the scent of essential oils. There are several types of perfumery: scented candles, candles, sprays, perfume lamps, but the real thing is the perfume made from natural ingredients, such as the perfume stick made of rattan. The rattan fragrance vaporizer not only fulfills its task as a fragrance, but is made from a renewable resource, does not require energy for its operation, and therefore contributes to sustainable development, which has become a priority aspect especially nowadays.

Aside from being among the best basket weaving supplies and repair rattan furniture materials, the most popular use of rattan core would be as a diffuser. A pleasant smell at home can be relaxing and soothing, making our home a place of comfort even more so. One of the most effective way of dispersing good smells is for vaporized water to carry them. The rattan core makes for a perfect perfume stick when placed into essential oil liquid, as its structure is made to carry water quickly. 

Whether you are planning on some basket making, getting a natural diffuser or any other creative DIY project, you will find the materials you need on our webshop. Take a look around and let our products inspire you!

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