Open weave cane webbing for bentwood chair and other caned furniture (45 cm width)

TH-5/8-45-S Naturtrend

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The cane webbing UK with article number TH-5/8-45-S is a classic open weave cane webbing, a special quality material for recaining chair seats f.e. bentwood chairs. The repetition of the pattern is 5/8 inch. This cane webbing used to make a rattan radiator cover, wicker screen room divider, bedroom wardrobe sliding doors, DIY rattan headboard.

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What kind of material is cane webbing made of?

The cane webbing might make from the outer skin or inside core of the rattan material. The cane webbing from skin is significantly more durable, the surface is as bright as if it were varnished. The cane webbing made from the inside (the core) of the rattan is well painted, but not very strong. It is for decorative purpose, only.

What is used for the open weave cane webbing?

The best known of the rattan weaving is the classic open weave cane webbing material, which used to recaning chair seats. However, its field of application is versatile, suitable as a cane webbing wallpaper or rattan room divider in an apartment. It is also recommended as a modern radiator covers, as it is a well-ventilated material due to the perforated rattan weaving. The rattan by the metre goods we sell also stand out from other rattan radiator cover prices.

How many grades do you have from cane webbing?

The cane webbing UK on offer are available in three grades

  • S Superior for recaining chair seats or bentwood chairs
  • N Normal rattan radiator cover or door front insert and replacing caned chair backpart
  • D Decorative quality

What about from TH-45-5/8-45-S?

The rattan material with article number TH-5/8-45-S is of S-quality 45cm wide, made of the outer skin of the rattan. This quality is stronger, it is difficult to paint. If you like to paint, you have to apply shellac or Beisen varnish. The repetition of the pattern is 5/8 inch.

How do I repair caned chairs at home?

The old bentwood chairs and rocking chair repair can also be done at home. If you feel you have enough potential for this demanding job, we will send you a DVD that will guide you step by step through the repair process.

How can I get discounts on cane webbing UK?

The open cane weave webbing we offer can be purchased in flow meters, the length of the cane webbing roll is 15.24 m. We cut the desired length from the roll. There is no minimum order quantity, so up to 0.4 meters of rattan by the metre goods can order. When buying a whole cane webbing roll, we provide you with two benefits: on the one hand, a 10% discount on the price of the product, and on the other hand, we waive the postage.