Cane webbing roll 90cm width

TH-1/2-90-N Naturtrend

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Open weave cane webbing for modern interior from Naturtrend Shop with online shopping. The cane webbing TH-1/2-90-N is a classic pitted rattan sheet with good ventillation. We cut the desired length from the cane webbing roll for you. Rattan inserts for sliding closet doors, rattan radiator cover, trendy rattan wall panels. The cane webbing  an integral part of vintage home furnishings.

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What is open weave cane webbing material made of?

The open weave cane webbing is made from the outer skin or the core of the rattan. The cane webbing UK made of the core of the rattan is well painted, but not very strong. Cane webbing roll made of the outer skin is significantly more durable.

What can we use for the cane webbing?

The best known use of the cane webbing is the classic perforated rattan sheet use for example to chair caning rocking chair, which used to mainly for chair caning. However, its field of application is versatile, suitable as a trendy rattan wall panels. It is also recommended as a rattan radiator cover, as it is a well-ventilated material due to the pitted rattan sheet. The rattan by the metre goods we sell are also suitable for rattan screen divider.

What does it mean letter N?

This cane webbing roll has N - Normal quality for rattan radiator cover or rattan inserts of sliding closet doors or chair caning of the backpart of the chair,
The TH-1/2-90-N has 2 holes/inch pattern. The splicing of the fibers is not glued but weaved. The basic material is has less uniform quality, but it is affordable, and the price of cane webbing is significantly favorable.

How to work with cane webbing goods?

The cane webbing roll can cut to size easily with a larger pair of scissors. It is advisable to soak it in water before use, because it will be soften temporarily. In this case, the wet open weave cane webbing can be more easily attached, for example, on the door frame.

Packaging and discounts

The cane webbing we offer can be purchased rattan by the metre. The length of the cane webbing roll is 15.24 m. We cut the desired length from the roll. There is no minimum order quantity, so up to 0.4 meters of cane webbing can be ordered.

When buying a whole rattan webbing roll, we provide you with two benefits: on the one hand, a 10% discount on the price of the product, and on the other hand, we waive the postage.