Closed webbbing (90cm width) rattan mat

RA-5-90-1 Naturtrend

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RA-5-90-1 is a first-class  priced cane webbing. This closed cane webbing may buy as rattan by the metre. The rattan webbing UK is for rattan screen and indoor home decorations. For example rattan wall panels. The closed cane webbing made of the core has unattended surface. It can be colored and painted easily.

Buy a full cane webbing roll and you get 10% discounts and free shipping.

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£ 40.40 tax incl.

Data sheet

Color Butter
Material Inside of the rattan
Full lenght of the roll 15.24 m
Surface Without tratement

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You can buy first-class cane webbing UK (non pitted) in the Naturtrend Shop. The closed webbing RA-90-5-1 named rattan mat available online at an affordable price.

What is rattan?

The rattan webbing this sturdy, stable and durable fabric is made of rattan, a climbing palm that comes from Southeast Asia. Rattan, also called rattan palm, is one of the longest plants in the world. The inside of the tubes is built in a honeycomb structure that reacts flexibly to bending.

What is rattan webbing roll used for?

Rattan webbing roll, also called closed webbing is processed from the core and can therefore be used in a variety of ways. The cane webbing UK offered as rattan by the metre can be stained or painted, and processing is also easy. It is 90 cm wide rattan webbing roll made of rattan strips of 5 mm width and 1.5 mm thickness. This natural cane webbing roll UK are used for rattan matting or rattan wall panels, rattan inserts made to measure wardrobe doors, rattan screen divider, and much more. If you want to use the rattan mat as a door panel material, you have to attach a fibreboard behind the fabric as a stiffener.

Where can I find rattan webbing what I can see my eyes?

We'll help you to decide. If you cannot decide, we will be happy to send you small samples free of charge for viewing rattan webbing in a size of about 10 * 10 cm.

How can I get discounts on buying cane webbing roll UK?

Small quantities of cane webbing UK can order as low quantity as 0,4meter. If you buy a whole cane webbing roll, you will receive a 10% discount and we will not charge you any delivery costs.

Where can you buy rattan material UK?

You are here, you can place your cane webbing UK order online, now. The dispatch to UK happens with delivery by post, to your doorstep.

We have a closed webbing, no pitted rattan mat made of core of the inner part of the rattan plant, whilst the other pitted cane webbing is made of skin, the outer part, the rind of the rattan plant. So they have very different properties. The core is a strong, well painting and colored material. The second is a very strong but only painting and colored with acryl or acetone or shellac paint material.