Conditions of Purchase

Please read the Condition of Purchase before the Purchase, and buy of our webshop in case of accept it.
We inform you, than the order has an obligation to purchase.
This document isn’t registered, the contract is valable by electronic means. Its not retrievable, it not refers to a code of conduct.
If you have any questions about the webshop’s, order’s or shiping’s process, please contact us.

Our datas

Name Naturtrend Impex
City Szeged
Street Hősök tere 5.
Country Hungary
Zip code H-6771
Mobil phone 07851434698 (between 7 - 15; GMT+2)
E-mail info(at) (do not forget to change the (at) to @)
Our international tax number HU14926471
We are registered by the “Csongrád Megyei Biróság” under Nr: Cg.06-09-014546 Contractual language: Hungarian

Hosting service

Name 3 in 1 Hosting Bt.
Site 2310 Szigetszentmiklós, Forrás u. 12. III/11
Adress 2310 Szigetszentmiklós, Szivárvány u. 1. fszt. 1.
VAT number (international) HU22206118
Registred number 13-06-055290
Web page

Price, packaging, shipping, 

All price include the VAT (Value Added Taxes) but not include packaging price and the shipping fee.
According to the UK Government’s Customs Duty and Import VAT Accordance for international posting:
In case you are a private individual (purchase non commercial):
-if the total net value of the goods is over GBP 135: you have to pay the net price for us, and
  all the other fees (VAT etc.) for the HMRC (usually you need to pay this amount to the courier)
-if the total net value of the goods is under GBP 135: you need to pay the price which includes
  VAT (in this case it is the seller (us) who pays the VAT to the HMRC) to us. All the other fees
  the customer has to pay to the courier or to the HMRC.
You can find some more details about the customs clearance charges here.
You can reach the help center of the courier on the following site.
In case of commercial purchase:
-please give us your VAT and/or tax number
-in every case you pay for us the net price and all the other fees (VAT etc.) for the HMRC.
 Please keep in mind that on our website and webshop all the prices includes VAT.
Order process:
  • put the product in the cart
  • register in the webshop or continue the shopping without registration.
  • the shipping and the billing adress can be different.
  • choose the type of payment.
  • read and accept the Condition of Purchase
  • accept than the purchase entail a payment obligation
  • accept the purchase-confirmation.
  • Our webshop will send a confirmation e-mail from your offer, but it’s not a contract yet.
  • We will confirm your offer in 2 days on e-mail. That’s the beginning of the contract.
  • We send you an e-mail on the day of shipping with the reference number for the tracking.

Order and contracting informations

According to a Contract of Distance we inform you:
  • The purchasing is possible with or without registration.
  • You sign your purchase intent for us with pressing button: „Submit order” .
  • With the confirmation of our collegue the contract is concluded.
  • This contract is a Contract of Distance.
  • We send the ordered product by parcel post on the charge of customer. There is the list of the parcel posts.
  • The client can cancel her purchase for 14 days without any justification. (for details see below)
  • The client can modify the order’s datas before ending purchase.
  • After finishing purchase the webshop can’t modify the datas. Our collegues can do it, if you write it for them.

Order’s processing

The order’s processing is every workday from 8 to 16. It’s possible to send an order after this time, but it will be processed next day. We confirm your order in 2 days maximum. General deadline is 2 days from the order if the product ordered is in stock. In case of bespoken products (for exemple: bespoke bamboo blinds) the production term is 2 weeks in generaly. We inform you about the term exact in our confirmation letter. The products seen on the picture and the real product can be different a little bit. We don’t take responsibility for the changements of our supplier’s products. We preserv the rights to refuse the order after the confirmation in whole or in part. A partial performance is only done after a consultation with the client. In case of miscarry from our mistake the price of product will be referred back.


We send you an electronic invoice on e-mail. If we don’t make an electronic invoice, but a printed invoice, we put it in the packet.
If we need to make a new invoice, because the buyer gave one or more wrong informations, we will ask 10 GBP to make the new invoice. 
If we need to transfer back a part or the whole amount of the total price of the order, for a reason or problem what not we caused
(for example: the customer tell us, he/she want a net invoice and give us his/her tax number after he/she made the payment), 
we will ask 10 GBP for the transfer. 
It does not apply to the situation, when the buyer want to cancell the whole purchase!

Types of payment

  • advance payment to our English bank account (preferred way)

Carrying conditions and costs

Carrying cost to the UK:
  • For all the products: 10 £
The packaging fee is 3-GBP, above 18-GBP Naturtrend Kft. gives you discount from the fee, so the packaging is free.

If in the order there is carved wood moulding slat, we need to double the shipping fee, because the raised delivery prices of longer packages. If you ask us to cut the lathes into 2 
pieces and the longest part is maximum 190 cm long, we can disregard from the higher shipping fee. Please notice, you have to ask us to cut the lathes, we will not 
bother you with this. 
Due the raising shipping fees and the extra cost what caused the longness of the mouldings, the shipping fee of the moulding lathes is 18 GBP.
If we can cut the lathes into 2 pieces and the longest one is not longer than 190 cm, we can send it to you for the normal shipping fee. 
We can cut the slats only for your request, therefore please take contact with us, if you choose this way. 

Usually we ask 12 GBP for packaging of the lathes, but if the total price of the lathes is more than 40 GBP, we take over this fee.  
If you order an oblique shape blind the shipping fees can be raised and we will give to you a unique price for the shipping in this case. 

Contracted courriers


Important carrying informations: delivery time, damage of package

The delivery of packages is on workdays from 8:00 to 17:00 in generaly. If you can’t be at home this time, it’s recommmended to give an work adress. The courier try to deliver the package 2 times in generaly. After that they returne it. We can re-send it at your own expense.We don’t take responsibility for the delay of courier.If the package get lost, and you can’t receive it in 3 weeks, we will send an other product with the same propertys, or we can repay your money.Please inspect the packet, and in case of damage ask a report, and take some photos on it. If the damage is too high, please don’t take it.The couriers have an insurance for damage and losing. But they pay if it can be provable, that it’s their fault. That’s why we take photos before and after the packaging. If you try the product damaged in the package, than take us a photo in the state half-packaged from different ways, and send them for us..It’s a frequent problem, than the clients open the package with a box cutter, and they cut the cord of the bamboo blind too. It’s not our fault. Please open the package with carefully.Mildew: The packages can be moldy in winter, when they are put to the hot store and after to a cold car. To prevent it, please open the package in 24 hours after take it.

Right of withdrawal from the contract

You have the right to withdraw from this contract within fourteen (14) days without stating reasons.The withdrawal period is fourteen (14) days from the receiving date.To exercise your right of withdrawal, you must inform us of your decision to withdraw from this contract by a clear statement (e.g. a letter sent by post or email) and you must send back the product.In case of withdraw the post cost is the only charge for you, but we can call for the price of damages from misuse.You can’t exercise your right of withdrawal for bespoken products (bamboo blinds and bamboo wallcovers). We send you a sample before order if you want, then you can decide if you woul dlike to order i tor not.If you buy a full roll (of bamboo or rattan material), than you can exercise your right of withdrawal If you buy a part of the roll, it’s an impairment for 10 %. We will repay the price reduced with 10 %.It’s not necessary to resend us the product in the original packaging, but it’s recomended to package it safety, because the damage by reason of package is your charge. We recomend to take a photo before delivery, than the damages issu from delivery can be proved.Exercise of the right of withdrawal – in practiseIf you want to exercise your right of withdrawal, you must inform us of your decision to withdraw from this contract by a clear statement (e.g. a letter sent by post or email) and you must send back the product. You can exercise your right of withdrawal also if you didn’t receive the package or if we didn’t confirm your order.If you send it by post, we are looking the posting date. It’s recomended to post it by registred post.You can re-send the product ordered by parcel-post or by post. That’s important, that’s You who will have to bear the direct cost of returning the goods.. We don’t take over a collect on delivery package.Pay attention to an intended use, because you must to pay the damages from misuse.We take a video from the opening of the package. If all is ready, we repay the price for your bank account in 14 days from receiving the package.You can fil our form, but it’s not obligatory. Form for withdrawal. If you don’t fill our form, you must to giveus these datas: your name, date of purchase, name (number) of product mentioned, bank account, name of bank account owner.

Regulation of withdrawal

Article 6Right of withdrawal1. For any distance contract the consumer shall have a period of at least seven working days in which to withdraw from the contract without penalty and without giving any reason. The only charge that may be made to the consumer because of the exercise of his right of withdrawal is the direct cost of returning the goods.The period for exercise of this right shall begin:- in the case of goods, from the day of receipt by the consumer where the obligations laid down in Article 5 have been fulfilled,- in the case of services, from the day of conclusion of the contract or from the day on which the obligations laid down in Article 5 were fulfilled if they are fulfilled after conclusion of the contract, provided that this period does not exceed the three-month period referred to in the following subparagraph.If the supplier has failed to fulfil the obligations laid down in Article 5, the period shall be three months. The period shall begin:- in the case of goods, from the day of receipt by the consumer,- in the case of services, from the day of conclusion of the contract.If the information referred to in Article 5 is supplied within this three-month period, the seven working day period referred to in the first subparagraph shall begin as from that moment.2. Where the right of withdrawal has been exercised by the consumer pursuant to this Article, the supplier shall be obliged to reimburse the sums paid by the consumer free of charge. The only charge that may be made to the consumer because of the exercise of his right of withdrawal is the direct cost of returning the goods. Such reimbursement must be carried out as soon as possible and in any case within 30 days.3. Unless the parties have agreed otherwise, the consumer may not exercise the right of withdrawal provided for in paragraph 1 in respect of contracts:- for the provision of services if performance has begun, with the consumer's agreement, before the end of the seven working day period referred to in paragraph 1,- for the supply of goods or services the price of which is dependent on fluctuations in the financial market which cannot be controlled by the supplier,- for the supply of goods made to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized or which, by reason of their nature, cannot be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly,- for the supply of audio or video recordings or computer software which were unsealed by the consumer,- for the supply of newspapers, periodicals and magazines,- for gaming and lottery services.4. The Member States shall make provision in their legislation to ensure that:- if the price of goods or services is fully or partly covered by credit granted by the supplier, or- if that price is fully or partly covered by credit granted to the consumer by a third party on the basis of an agreement between the third party and the supplier,the credit agreement shall be cancelled, without any penalty, if the consumer exercises his right to withdraw from the contract in accordance with paragraph 1.Member States shall determine the detailed rules for cancellation of the credit agreement.

Guaranty and warranty

Our products don’t have guaranty general, like it’s not an electronic machine with transistor and others components. It’s just a moulding or an other material for decoration.But all the same you are any problem with the quality of our product, look what need you do with it.

Do I save the invoice?

No we save it well. You must only give us your datas and the name of the product with problem.

Basic concepts (guaranty)

Person obliged: supplierEntitled: customerDefective execution: the product or the service doesn’t completet with the contract or the legislation.Not a defective execution: If the customer knew the problem at the moment of the order (exemple: product on 2st class) Presumption of defective execution: in 6 month the prouve of the proof must do the supplier. Warranty in respect of latent defects: In the law of the sale of property (both real estate and personal property or chattels) a latent defect is a fault in the property that could not have been discovered by a reasonably thorough inspection before the sale. It’s 2 years.Product warranties: a usually written guarantee of the integrity of a product and of the maker's responsibility for the repair or replacement of defective parts. The product is defected if it doesn’t require quality standards. It’s not apply to the breakdown in normal using. It’s 2 years.Possibilitys in case of liability: a usually written guarantee of the integrity of a product and of the maker's responsibility for the repair or replacement of defective parts.When is a product defected? The product is defected if it doesn’t require quality standards. It’s not apply to the breakdown in normal using.When does the supplier free from obligatory of product warranty?
  • if he proove than he didn’t do the product or didn’t market it for business
  • the default didn’t be recognizable int he moment of production.
  • the default is for a law
When and who does to prove the default? In the first 6 month that’s the supplier. He is exempt if he can prove than the default is issue after the execution.How long before does the customer inform the supplier? In 2 month maximumComplaint: Maybe it’s not a complaint for the product (for example: delay of package)Warranty: an assurance of the quality of or of the length of use to be expected from a product offered for sale often with a promise of reimbursement. Just for the products defined in the Act, and over 10.000-Ft (more in 151/2003. (IX. 22.))

Procession of complaint handling

Contact-us on phone or in letter.
  • Give us your datas and the datas of purchasing.
  • Sign the problem.
  • Send us a photo if it’s possible (not obligatory)
  • We are respond in 48 hours.
  • Send us an e-mail here, or our adress is down the page.
If you didn’t find the solution with us, you are possibility to turn to a conciliation panel Fgytv. 29 . § (11. If you initiate it, it’s obligatory for our society.Datas for this procedure:Adress: 6721 Szeged, Párizsi krt. 8-12. 
Contact person: Jerney Zoltán Phone: +36-62/554-250/118 
Fax: +36-62/426-149 
http://www.bekeltetes-csongrad.huOther possibilites to arrangement: 524/2013/EU/14. online-forum:

You can turn to the district offices too


Dear Customer!
This is our GDPR information.
When you buy of our products, you give your datas for our company, called Naturtrend Impex Kft. (Data controller), than we became controllers of your datas. Personal data is any information that relates to an identified or identifiable living individual. The data arrives in two ways.
  • The cookie saves some datas technical automaticly.
  • During the purchase you must to give us some datas for the contact.
The purpose of the GDPR is to discharge our obligations referring to the orders, and provisions of informations about our society.
The privacy of your data and the conformance to the GDPR, regulated in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament is very important for us.
We process the personal data as long as it is necessary. We make effort to save the security maximum of the data processing. We preserve the right of change our information notice.
Our website can contain some links who lead to the websites of other societies. We are not taking responsibility for theirs Privacy.

Data controller

City: Szeged
Street: Hősök tere 5.
Country: Hungary (company details)

Types and the processing area of the personal data?

Name, adress of individuals Necessary for invoicing
Bank account During the transfer we know it
Name, e-mail and phone number of client (individual) or of contact person (society) Need for contract and for contact
Name, phone number and adress of purchaser Need for delivery
Quantity, quality, price and dimensions of product Need for complete our obligations contractuals
E-mail adress Need for contact
IP adress Privacy for statistics
We don’t process extraordinary data

Legal base of Privacy

The legal base of Privacy is based on:
  • legislations (concerning the datas for invoicement)
  • obligations contractual (datas for the contract and for shipment)

What kind of processes we DON’T do

We don’t send newsletter.
We don’t do profiling of datas. (Profiling means the procedure which may involve a series of statistical deductions, often used to make predictions about people).
We save the phone numbers just for the contract, we don’t do any lists.

Principe of Privacy

We use the datas of our clients just based on legislations. We don’t give them to third parties.
We obtain datas just from the person concerned. If the client give for us datas of contact persons, he’s the responsible of accuracy and legality of the datas gived.
If you notice than your datas doesn’t processed legally, inform us without delay, and we will delete it soon as possible.
The Data Controller can collect informations about the number of visitors, or of the frequency of visiting. These datas serves other statistical purposes. The collection of datas collectifs can help us to estimate the interest and need of our clients.
We store datas on these ways:
  • we store invoices on way electronic and in paper too.
  • we store orders, contracts and mails related on way electronic and in paper too.
We store datas online just on the server situated in EU.
Datas paper-based are closed. After period of storing they will be destroy. Datas digitals will be deleted after period of storing too.


A cookie is a small piece of information that is placed on your computer when you visit certain websites. When we refer to “cookies” we include other technologies with similar purposes, such as tags and identifiers. Find out more about the use of cookies on
When you first visit our sites using a new browser, or if you visit in private browsing mode, we will provide you with a cookies permission banner seeking your consent to use of cookies as required by law. From this banner you will be able to access our cookies management tool. By clicking OK or clicking through to any part of the site, we will start to manage your visit using cookies.
We use the following types of cookie, as will your browser:
Analytics cookies that anonymously remember your computer or mobile device when you visit our website. They keep track of browsing patterns and help us to build up a profile of how our readers use the website. We use that information for customer analytics and to serve advertisements that we think might be of particular interest to you on our and other websites. Your browser may use similar cookies for similar purposes and to serve advertisements for others.
Cookies help us to make our website work. Datas coming from cookies are used for 6 month.
You can delete the cookies from your computer. This page will helps you on it.
The cookies of Google can be delete on the following link.


Naturtrend Impex has a Facebook site. The data provision on Facebook is volontary. That’s you, who can give datas, and delete the datas gived. You can see the Facebook’s Privacy here.

Data transmission and data processing

The Data Controler transfer datas to the following subcontractors:
Name Adress Activity Types of data
Accounting Name, adress
3 in 1 Hosting Bt. 2310 Szigetszentmiklós, Szivárvány u. 1. fszt. 1 Hosting service All of online datas
Express One Kft 1239 Budapest Európa u. 12 / L1 épület Shipment Name and phone number of contact person, delivery adress
Magyar Posta Zrt 1138 Budapest Dunavirág u. 2-6 Shipment Name and phone number of contact person, delivery adress
GLS Hungary Kft 2351 Alsónémedi GLS Európaút 2. Shipment Name and phone number of contact person, delivery adress
Fedex Hungary 2220 Vecsés Lőrinci út 59. C ép. 5 Shipment Name and phone number of contact person, delivery adress
Csomagküldő.hu kft 1031 Budapest Vízimolnár u. 10 6/54 Shipment Name and phone number of contact person, delivery adress
DPD Hungária Kft 1158 Budapest Késmárk u 14/b épület Shipment Name and phone number of contact person, delivery adress
UPS Magyarország Kft. Lőrinci utca 154. Airport City Logistic Park, G épület 2220 Vecsés Shipment  Name and phone number of contact person, delivery adress Kft 1031 Budapest Záhony u. 7. Online invoices Billing name and adress
Tifer Bt 6900 Makó Maros u. 5 Accounting Billing name and adress
Data processing voluntary, for marketing purposes
Google Ireland Limited Gordon Hause, Barrow Str. Dublin 4. Ireland Online marketing Customer preferencies, IP adress
Facebook Ireland Ltd. 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2 Ireland Online marketing Customer preferencies, IP adress
We never give personal datas for marketing purpose.

Data security

We process your datas confidantially. We have a Privacy, and our employees know it well. They must to respect it. We close the datas safely.
The Data Controller assures authenticity, accessibility, integrity and confidence of datas processed.
The Data Controller controls the rules regulary, and changes it if it’s neccessary.
We store datas online on the server situated in EU.
We inform you, than in spite of the precautions the datas on Internet can’t be to save from all attacks.
In case of attack, please inform us. We will notify it to the Supervisory Authority in 72 hours. We keep a record of these attacks.

Legal remedy

The clients can ask for informations of the process of their own datas in writing. The Data Controller gives informations in 25 days in writing. This information is about of
  • the types of datas processed,
  • the principe of processing data,
  • the legal base,
  • the period of processing,
  • the source,
  • the categories of datas,
  • the name and contact of Data Controller, and
  • the recipients of datas.
It’s a free service once a year.
You can ask for correction of your datas. The cancelling of datas is possible after the period of processing. We inform of the correction and the deleting of data the person related and the previous recepients of process of data.
We inform you, than you can’t protest of our legal data process.
As we don’t send newsletters, we can’t process direkt marketing datas.
The clients can ask for the limitation of datas if he isn’t sur in the legality of data process. We judge it in 10 days.
If a disagreement the client should go to court in 30 days.
In case of legality problems the client can go to the National Data Protection Authority.
In case of juridical process the competent court is the Hungarian Court.