Lambs tongue moulding, decorative wood mouldings for restoring furniture


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Our decorative wood mouldings with reference code “PAE” are made of beech wood. The lambs tongue moulding is 250cm long and 80mm wide. Professional joiners often choose it for its variety of uses: among others, it can become a great cornice coving or kitchen cabinet trims can be built from them. They are varnishable, picklable and ideal for restoring furniture or even making new ones with.

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These decorative wood mouldings, with reference code “PAE”, are made of beech wood, a standard, quality material in the furniture industry. The lambs tongue moulding is 250cm long and 80cm wide. Its edges are at an angle to make applying it easier.

This decorative wood trim has many names, as well as uses: this wooden carving panel can be crown moulding, cornice coving or door frame decoration. Such Victorian architraves can give the whole room a new look as a cabinet crown molding, or anywhere else really, when it comes to restoring furniture. Despite the former name, their relatively simple design makes them fit well to almost any furniture style.

We only sell full pieces. Contact us if you plan to order larger amounts to discuss quantity discounts. If the overall price of the products ordered does not reach 30 GBP, we charge an additional 3 GBP as packaging fee. To avoid any damage coming to the ordered products, we attach them to an osb board, without any additional charges.

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The selection of our decorative wood trims is easily accessible through our webshop and the products are delivered with courier service. Check this spreadsheet about our quantity discounts. About further discounts regarding really large amounts, please contact our administrators.