Decorative moulding for furniture and cabinet making


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Do you have a period wardrobe which you like to renovate at home? With the help of decorative moulding for furniture from the Naturtrend wood carving shop, this is no longer a problem. Furniture mouldings and appliques are an important part of home decor. Our FK-153 wood carving is made of exotic wood with an untreated surface. It can paint and varnish as you like. Look around in our webshop!

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Ornamentation means decorative art, part of applied art. It is used to decorate and work out parts, details and surfaces. In addition to architecture, its main applications are wall painting, wallpapering, upholstery, inlaid parquet, decorative plaster figures, sculptures, and of course decorative wood carving.

The decorative moulding for furniture appears on furniture, as a decoration of both our interior and exterior spaces. Cabinet making or renovating old furniture at home is now a common practice among DIY carpenters. The furniture mouldings and appliques for sale offered by the Naturtrend wood carving shop are of great help to our customers. The FK-153 wood carving motif is mostly suitable for decorating antique furniture, but even a period wardrobe.

Furnishing ideas for home-made furniture restoration and cabinet making? We can help you with that. Visit our webshop and find the decorative moulding for furniture that best suits your plans.
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