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The decorative wooden mouldings offered in Naturtrend webshop are of great help for professionals and hobby joiners alike. The dentil moulding, when used as kitchen cabinet moulding provides a new, decorative look for its host, but it can also become a pretty wooden crown moulding or can be used for restoring furniture of any type.

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Decorative wood panels are among the oldest of furniture decorations ever used. The wooden dentil moulding UK is made with classic motifs, evoking the era when woodworker masters experimented with straight lines on such decorative wooden mouldings, using clean shapes instead of difficult ones. Them being inspired by antique patterns led to many unique pieces of art.

Though inspired by bygone times, our dentil moulding is not only ideal for classic style furniture, as its motif is independent from the surrounding styles. Such decorative wooden mouldings are a really versatile help in restoring furniture with the numerous ways of decorating we can do with them.

Their usefulness goes beyond restoring furniture, they can also decorate newer pieces, giving them a whole different look. The dentil moulding is also great as wooden crown moulding, or moulding for doors and windows.

The suggestions above do not necessarily require professionals, they can be challenging DIY projects.

The decorative wood panels we offer have untreated surfaces, allowing you to freely decide on varnishing or pickling.

We offer a quantity discount from the price of wooden mouldings marked with the color red on the website, depending on the ordered amount. We only sell full pieces. If the value of the order does not reach 30 GBP, we charge 3 GBP as packaging fee. In order to avoid potential damage, we attach the ordered items to an osb board in all cases.

The wide selection of Naturtrend Shop is easily accessible online. On this site you can view furniture made or restored with our products.

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