Lightweight wood lattice panels (from beech wood slats)


New product

This wood lattice panels from beech we offer in 65x125 cm size. To DIY projekt for radiator cover lattice or wood air vent covers.

Wooden trellis a great way to update the look of wine cabinets, closet storage and accent doors throughout your home and in your garden. Naturtrend stocks sanded and ready to finish lattice style door inserts in high quality. 

We send sample free of charge!

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£ 31.20 tax incl.

Data sheet

Material Bukva
Surface Natur
Rod width 15 mm
Thickness of the rod 2,5 mm
Thickness of the product 5 mm
Hole side lenght 15 mm
Tilt of the hole 45

More info

We offer wood lattice panels made of beech, but also pine, or exotic wood, so only natural materials, for the beautiful home and the future of our children. Buy wooden trellis conveniently online in the Naturtrend Shop!
Beechwood diamond trellis panel APC-05 is a new item with a larger grid width in the standard size of 65 * 125 cm. The strip width is 15 mm, the thickness 5 mm, grid width 15 mm.

Some historical viewpoint

Until the late Middle Ages, elaborate facilities were only allowed to the nobility. Only functional furnishings were available to the population. The design was not yet a priority. The Renaissance was the epoch in which ancient Greek and Roman forms had revived. The style eras followed one another until comprehensive home designs were created. The variety of styles also enables variety in home design and indoor decoration.

What can I use wood latice panels?

We show you ideas for an individual living design, such as the solution of wood lattice panels for heating radiator hiding, also known as radiator cover lattice. Our natural fabrics are favourable priced and decorative. This natural material is also suitable for a room divider, for covering hot water boilers or as wood lattice panels for cabinets.
This wooden trellis in the past was used very often in the monastery gardens, and the monastery windows were also barred and decorated in this way.

What about the shipping without damage?

In order to ensure safe shipping, we pack the nun grille with a stiff OSB board, our customers do not incur any additional costs.
Our diamond trellis panel is supplied in its natural form it can be stained, waxed, lacquered, varnished or even painted at will. The beech slats are glued to each joining point with an invisible adhesive. Both sides of the decorative trellis panels UK are equally elaborated and decorative which makes it easier to use.

We would be happy to send you samples for viewing in approx. 10 * 10 cm free of charge.