Wood lattice panels (from pine wood slats)


New product

This wood lattice panels from pine we offer in 65x125 cm size. To DIY projekt for radiator cover lattice or decorative wooden door panels.

Wooden trellis a great way to update the look of wine cabinets, closet storage and accent doors throughout your home and in your garden. Naturtrend stocks sanded and ready to finish lattice style door inserts in high quality.

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£ 28.00 tax incl.

Data sheet

Material Jelovina
Surface Natur
Rod width 15 mm
Thickness of the rod 2,5 mm
Thickness of the product 5 mm
Hole side lenght 15 mm
Tilt of the hole 45°

More info

The wood lattice panels are a new article in the standard size of 65 * 125 cm, with a pine slats width of 15 mm, thickness 5 mm and with a grid size of 15 mm. Our wooden trellis is available in different types of wood and colours. The individual sticks are thin and glued at each connection point.

Diamond trellis panel in the intrior design

Furniture used to be built into the wall with a decorative wooden door panel, it was an integral part of the house. Home design and interior decoration were only known in rich houses, the common people basically only owned functional furniture. The world of home design changed over time. Today it is very important to feel at home, to make yourself comfortable and to relax. We can only do this if our surroundings match our personality.

How can I hide a not so beatiful part of my home?

An old heater can quickly spoil the mood - but there are solutions! The radiator cover lattice we offer can turn the old radiant heater into a real gem. Whether you make your radiator covering yourself DIY or buy it, the effort is worth it. If you can't make up your mind, check out some blog about whether you should make or buy radiator trellis yourself.
Whether radiator cover lattice for rib heating, diamond trellis panel as lattice door insert for cupboards, hide for a hot water boiler, wood lattice panels are suitable.

How do you protect the wooden trellis from the damage?

We strive to deliver your decorative trellis panels UK in perfect condition. For this reason, we pack the wooden lattice with a stiff OSB board at no additional cost to you.

Interested? Then take a look at how to order wooden grilles and information about delivery!
Our wooden lattice panels are supplied in its natural form it can be stained, waxed, lacquered, varnished or even painted at will. The wicker rods are glued to each joining point with an invisible adhesive. Both sides of the wooden lattice panels are equally elaborated and decorative which makes it easier to use.

We would be happy to send you samples for viewing in approx. 10 * 10 cm free of charge.