Pine wooden trellis for indoor decoration


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This wood trellis panel from pine wood is offered in 65x125 cm size. The square lattice trellis slats has 11 mm width, angle of inclination of 45 ', hole width 11 mm, the total thickness is only 5 mm. To DIY project for decorative radiator panels. Where you need good ventillation as door insert in a decorative wooden door panels.

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Data sheet

Material Jelovina
Surface Natur
Rod width 10 mm
Thickness of the rod 2,5 mm
Thickness of the product 5 mm
Hole side lenght 10 mm
Tilt of the hole 45

More info

Wooden trellis from pine wood standard size is 65*125 cm. This decorative wooden grille is untreated and can be painted, stained or varnished as required. For a custom made product, please let us know the required dimensions by email, we can make up to 65 * 125 cm.

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What do I hide my radiator with?

Let yourself be inspired by the selection of our products for a beautiful and cosy home! Hide your old radiators with decorative radiator panels. Making radiator trellis yourself with wooden grille materials we offer is an easy DIY exercise. Here you can find the wooden grille for radiator hide.

How can I get a door with a good aeration?

Diamond trellis panel for furniture, decorative wooden door panels, now online. We offer square lattice trellis decorative elements made of pine, but also pine, or exotic, so only natural materials, for the beautiful home and the future of our children. Buy wooden trellis conveniently online in the Naturtrend Shop!

What about the shipping?

You can find information about ordering and delivery here. To ensure safe shipping, we pack the wooden trellis panels UK with a stiff OSB board to care them, our customers do not incur any additional costs.