Corinthian column capital with acanthus leaf carving


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The carved wood corbels with acanthus leaf carving offered by the Naturtrend online shop can use easily if the goal is to renovate the wood furniture at home or furniture making.
The closing element of the corinthian column is the capital decorated with acanthus leaf carving, giving the furniture a new look.
These wooden appliques UK are made of rubberwood. The surface is untreated.

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£ 5.30 tax incl.

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VK-259 carved wood corbels with acanthus leaf carving patterns are available from the Naturtrend wood carvings online shop. Decorative wooden mouldings surfaces are untreated. The carved wood corbels are made of rubberwood. Son, they can be painted or varnished as desired.
The wooden appliques UK are an important part of home decor. You don't have to be a carpenter to renovate wooden furniture at home, our prefabricated accessories will help you with that.

What is exota tree?

It is actually a rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) from which rubber is obtained. It can be painted and pickled in the same way as any other European wood. The rubber is harder than pine and softer than beech. According to its fibre structure and color, it is between beech and oak.

How can we glue applique for furniture?

We have tried the following adhesives for applique for furniture, so we can recommend them:
        Glass, mirror: Pattex special (also known as liquid nail)
        Furniture board: Pattex special, non-woven lacquers
        For wood, for furniture making: any wood glue is suitable

We offer you decorative wooden mouldings for your home, not only for doors, decorative wood panels, front door or gateway.  But on our website, you will find carved wooden corbels UK for windows and beds as well. Notice that these carvings are not only suitable for classical, solid wood double beds, but any single bed, cot or crib. The looks of this furniture can be refreshed with our recommended carvings. Indeed, a carving looks great on a period piece bed, but the two ends of a crib closed by a graceful bow shaped custom carving will enhance it with a noble look.