French lilly wood carving


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The Naturtrend decorative wood mouldings for furniture store offers  french lilly wood carving, a faithful helper in carpentry for furniture restoration at home. The RK-057 wood carving with fleur de lys flowers pattern becomes an ornament in any home. Giving the room a new look after a renovation of old furniture. These carved wooden mouldings are made of exotic wood in various sizes.

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The French lilly is also called fleur de lis flowers. Although it is not clear what it represents. In France, it was called fleur de lys, meaning the flower of a lily. According to some opinions, this french lilly pattern does not represent a flower, and the shape of the plant is indeed different from that of a lily. It is not just a symbol of scouts. The fleur de lys flowers were first introduced in the XII. century appeared in heraldry as a symbol of the French monarchy. Some say it shapes three spears, but when we compare the french lilly to the ostrich feathers of a knight’s helmet, the resemblance is surprising, it looks like a primitive and stylized symbol of the ostrich feather knight’s helmet. There is an explanation that the shape depicted mimics the autumn petal, the flower of the iris.
It is truly receptive as the layers of meaning have been built on top of each other over the centuries.
These beautiful decorative mouldings for furniture made of exotic wood can be used very well at home. For example furniture restoration and repairing antique furniture. If we want to give the room a unique, special look. Because the wood appliques were made with an untreated surface. They can paint or varnish as you like.
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