Reed diffuser to help evaporates perfume and essential oils


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Naturtrend Shop offers high quality reed diffuser that is 20 cm long and 3 mm in diameter. Inside the rattan reed diffuser sticks, the cells in the vessel bundles inside it absorb essential oil or perfume and evaporate. Therefore, the natural reed diffuser made of rattan core help to good fragrant in the room, bathroom or kitchen. We are wholesale and retail sale of aromatherapy reed diffuser.

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You can solve home fragrance with reed diffuser. The rattan reed diffuser sticks to a simple but decorative way to evaporate perfume or essential oils. Place the reed diffuser sticks (with a diameter of 2-3 mm and a length of 20-25 cm) in a small vase, a glass vial previously filled with fine essential oils or perfume.

The untreated surface of the natural reed diffuser and the tubular structure of the wand ensure that the liquid is absorbed and the pleasant scent evaporates from its surface to the air. The intensity of the scent can be easily controlled by the number of the reed diffuser. Only as much of the essential oil liquid from the small vial will evaporate at a time as the reed diffuser sticks inserted will absorb. Therefore, if you want to feel the fragrant a little more intensely, put more natural reed diffuser stick in the liquid. The strength of the scent does not depend on the amount of essential oil but on the number of reed diffuser sticks.

The rattan reed diffuser sticks may purchase in different diameters (2-3-4-5 mm), even in long strands (from 10cm till 2-4 m).
Generally we offer our aromatherapy reed diffuser in 20cm length and 3mm diameter but in higher quantity you can order different dimensions.

The natural reed diffuser is an elegant solution that can be used in any part of the apartment.

The clear advantage of such a scented reed diffuser replacement sticks are not harmful to our health or the environment. This is a natural method against air fresheners that produce artificial scents.

Discount for customers who need large amount:

The 1st class quality reed diffuser sticks, the  dimensions are: 20 cm long and 3mm the diameter. The shape are linear. We wholesal and retail sale rattan reed diffuser sticks use for evaporation of fragrance and perfume.

The least ordered quantity are 1000 -one thousand- pieces. If you would like to buy greater amount, please ask and we calculate our most favorable price.

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10.000 pcs - 29.999 pcs 23USD
30.000 pcs - 89.999 pcs 21USD
90.000 pcs - 199.999 pcs  20USD
200.000 pcs - 499.999 pcs 19USD
Over 500.000 pcs 18USD