Radio weave cane for interior decoration (60cm wide)


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The ROP 5x8 radio weave cane provides high specific ventilation surface, making it excellent for rattan radiator cover. The fields of application of radio weave cane webbing is very wide. It used to make of ventilation grille, made to measure wardrobe doors rattan inserts or rattan screen divider.

Square cane webbing is recommended as rattan radiator cover where the good ventilation need.

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Color Butter
Material Outer shell of rattan
Fiber width 5mm
Quality 1.class
Full lenght of the roll 15.24 m
Surface Without tratement

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What about suare cane webbing?

Square cane webbing is recommended for rattan radiator cover and the sliding closet doors fronts rattan inserts, for the suspended ceilings where the  ventilation is required or to hide the ventillation opening. The rustic appearance gives a special look for this kind of cane webbing. The fiber width of the 5x8 code is 5 mm and the dimensions of the cube is  and the hole is 8 mm * 8 mm. This material comes from the rattan skin and therefore can only be painted with special dyes. For example, it can be well colored with a dye mixed with special lacquer (shellac). This radio weave cane darkens and matures over the time. It will be softer from the water soaking before use, extends slightly and expands when dried.

What is the origine of the name of radio weave cane webbing?

This modern square cane weaving option get his name from the weave pattern which traditionally cover and care the radio speaker in the earlier time of the 20th century. It is the ariel or radio weave cane webbing.

What is the raw material of the radio weave cane?

The radio weave cane material which we offer is made of natural rattan material. Rattan, also known as rattan palm, which is a fast-growing, lean-like creeper native to the primeval forests of Southeast Asia. The lianas can grow up to 200 meters, some 5 cm in diameter. So, we can say that rattan is one of the longest plants on the Earth.

What part of the made of the radio wave cane webbing?

The open cane webbing may made of the outer skin or inside of a rattan core. The radio weave cane webbing made of the core of the rattan is well painted, but not very strong material. This radio weave cane webbing UK made of the outer skin is significantly more durable. The surface as shiny as if it was varnished.

How would you characterize radio weave rattan?

The radio weave rattan marked as ROP 5x8 may use wherever a large specific ventilation surface is need. The fiber from which the radio weave webbing material is spun is 5 mm wide and the holes are 8 * 8 mm in size. The color of the radio weave cane is natural and darkens slightly over the time, especially in sunny places.

How can we paint the ariel or radio weave cane panell?

As a matter of fact, I do not suggest to paint this nice, natural colour radio weave cane webbing. But if you like to do, you have to solve the dye in shellac or so called beizen lacquer.

What purposes do we use the radio cane webbing for?

The radio weave cane webbing is a well-ventilated material that most people buy for the purpose of rattan radiator cover, and of course not at least because of the favorable prices offered at the Naturtrend Shop. However, this radio weave cane material is also suitable for DIY wardrobe sliding doors rattan inserts and suspended ceilings, the latter where air exchange is required. It used to cover the ventilation opening in a decorative way, but it used to make furniture inserts that do not receive a significant load. and also you can apply as rattan screen divider in the modern interior design. But if you like  the traditional japanese interior design the radio weave cane can help you in the interior decoration.

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How do I get discounted radio weave cane?

The radio weave cane we offer can purchase rattan by the metre. Otherwise, the length of the full roll is 15.24 m. When buying a whole roll of open cane webbing, we provide you with two benefits: on the one hand, a 10% discount on the price of the product, and on the other hand, we waive the postage.

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