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In the Naturtrend webshop, antique-style corbel brackets and furniture appliques, large wooden corbels and are now offered for period furniture making at economical prices. The capital mouldings Nr.: VK-333 are available in different sizes.
The wooden corbels UK are made of exotic wood. The surface is untreated, so it can paint or varnish as you like.

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£ 4.50 tax incl.

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Material Exota light
Surface Without tratement

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In our webshop, we like to help the work of the wood restorers and DIY crafts in the furniture making and antique furniture restoration. There is a great selection from antique-style corbel brackets, large wooden corbels, capital mouldings and other furniture appliques.
The capital mouldings of VK-333 design is available in different sizes. These corbel brackets are made of exotic wood and their surface untreated, so they can be freely painted or varnished.

What is exotic wood?

Exotic wood is the wood of the rubber tree, it is sustainably sourced wood. The milk sap,
also called natural latex, is obtained from the rubber tree. After about 24 years, the tree stopped producing the milk sap, the trees were felled and replaced with new plantings. The felled wood is mainly used for furniture construction.

Where have been come to the Capital mouldings?

Capitals come from the Greek name capitellum, and means little head. It is the upper end of a column, shown clearly and vividly. In Greek architecture, a distinction was made between three types of capital, the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian capital.