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In the Naturtrend webshop for furniture making, we offer wooden corbels (for example doric capital) made of wood at reasonable prices. The doric capital design can buy in different sizes. The carved surface is untreated, it can be varnished, painted or glazed as desired.
With these decorative wooden mouldings, we like to help with furniture making and repairing antique furniture.

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Material Exota light
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Furniture appliques and wooden corbels made of wood are now available in the Naturtrend shop. Doric capital design can buy in different sizes.  All decorative wooden mouldings have an untreated surface, so they can be stained, painted as you like.
This doric capital is beautiful in its simplicity.
Wood ornaments for furniture appliques have been known since ancient times. In ancient times, ornamentation determined the building of temples by the Greeks. Capitals from this period are decorated with reliefs that are still known to everyone today, such as the acanthus leaf on Corinthian capital or the geometric shape of doric capital.
The architecture of the Greeks was basically geared towards the Greek tribes and the landscapes that colonized them. We know three important pillars.
The Doric column order was widespread in the 7th and 6th centuries BC on the Greek mainland and in Greater Greece, but also in other Doric settlement areas such as Rhodes. The name goes back to the Dorian tribe, where the architectural style developed.
The Ionic column order was the custom in Asia Minor and got its name from the Ionians, a tribe that was driven out of the settlement area by the Dorians.
If you have not yet made up your mind, please have a look at our webshop. A wide selection of wooden corbels, wood appliques UK and ornaments awaits you.

We recommend our doric capital furiture making and repairing antique furniture.