Decorative corner molding for for furniture making


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The decorative corner molding is now an essential part of decorative home decor. The different carved wooden appliques for furniture overlays UK ensure that we get a uniform but varied image. They make it easier to make the bed headboard.
The decorative corner molding also provides sustainable development, as it is made of natural raw materials. We offer our SK-147 product from exotic wood.

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The furniture restoration, whether for a carpenter or a DIY carpenter, requires dexterity and, last but not least, imagination and creativity. The Naturtrend furniture overlays UK shop helps with this, as furniture making, such as making headboard, is almost unimaginable at home without decorative corner molding with carving motifs and wood carving patterns. The art of wood carving accompanies the history of interior design.
We offer many kind of corner ornaments made of exotic wood.
The carved wooden appliques for sale from exota wood are actually made from the wood of the rubber tree from which the rubber is obtained. It can paint and varnish in the same way as any other European wood. Exotic is harder than pine and softer than beech. According to its fiber structure and color, it is between beech and oak.

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