Wood corner moulding SK-153


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Decorative wood mouldings for furniture are an essential part of wood furniture repairs. The wood corner moulding ensures that we get a uniform but varied image with their use. The carved wooden ornaments UK, like the present corner ornaments, also ensures sustainable development. As they are made of natural raw materials, wood. Naturtrend offers our SK-153 product from exotic wood.

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The Naturtrend wood ornaments UK shop now offers wooden corner moulding made of exotic wood. This way we can take care of the symmetry in our home as well.

The concept of symmetry is also known in the art of wood carving. You can place objects to the right, left, but also opposite each other. Wood corner moulding patterns made with the same motif can also be placed symmetrically. If we put other decorative wood mouldings for furniture in the middle, we get an eye-catching image.
Corner ornaments and wooden ornaments UK can use if our plans include wood furniture repairs at home, and we don't have to be a carpenter to get a really nice and decorative result with our work.

It comes from the Greek word symmetry, its meaning is proportional. If we map a geometric object to itself, we can preserve it unchanged. Symmetry has been known since the world came into being, as the first symmetrical patterns were created by nature itself, as exemplified by most flowers, birds, and animals. The proportio divina, divine ratio, is what ancient and medieval scholars called the ratio used in the golden ratio, and art and science dealt with it. During his studies, Da Vinci determined the symmetry of the human body with a golden ratio.

Come and look around at the great selection of wooden corner moulding. You may buy online from Naturtrend and we ship by courier.