Intarsias with flower marquetry patterns

INT-870 Naturtrend

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Our Naturtrend Webshop offers marquetry that are made in several colors and motifs, but the raw material of intarsias inlay is always wood. So it is a natural and timeless product. Since all wood inlay banding are made of wood, it can be varnished as desired during the making of marquetry at home or repairing antique furniture.

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£ 8.30 tax incl.

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Width (mm) 18
Lenght (m) 1
Depth (mm) 0.6

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Marquetry in Arabic means insertion. It has been a popular decorative wood art  work element since ancient times and is still used with preference. In some cases, the inserted wood is artificially coloured; in the past, trees discoloured by fungi were used for such purposes, but today many people use different water-based and alcoholic stains. We like natural things. The intarsias we offer are not surface-treated, so it can be varnished as you desired.

Our Naturtrend Webshop offers marquetry patterns that are made in several colours, the wood inlay banding material is always wood, so it is a natural and timeless product. Intarsias can no longer be imagined only in furniture carpentry workshops because with enough sense, attention, patience and loving care for wood marquetry, anyone can say that making furniture at home or repairing antique furniture. This is not a job, but a pleasure and a great recreation at the same time. Our Online Shop will help you with this, where not only a wide selection of wood inlay banding but also the affordable price of marquetry will encourage you to realize your plans.

On our website we have several tips at your disposal, so you can check the order of the unique marquetry pattern and what to look for when glueing and cutting the decorative strips.

Why is the marquetry fillet 0.6 mm thick?

0.6 mm thick veneer is the most common in Europe, so it is best to produce in this width. If the veneer is thinner and the marquetry strip needs to be added to it, there is no problem either, as the two materials can be sanded together.

Not until the European renaissance do we encounter pictorial decoration using contrasting veneers in the form of marquetry. This wood inlay technique was originally centered in the Italian city of Sienna in the 11th century and much used as decorative wood to decorate church furniture and panels.

If you like to do handicrafts DIY furniture, or you are carpenter our intrsias are ideal for your job or hobby. Our wood inlay banding are made from classic and exotic wood. It’s very simple to use wood inlay, but you need a lot of time to the preparation because it’s  delicate work. But the wonderful DIY furniture or wood frame will compensate.