Marquetry black and white

INT-418 Naturtrend

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These wood designs are with black and white fishbone pattern. The marquetry is marvellous for furniture decoration. Also, you can make the decoration for picture frames, jewellery boxes and to the wardrobes and help you restoring antique furniture. Wood art work for your home.

Naturtrend webshop supply inlay banding UK online. We delivered the marquetry with special care by courier service.

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£ 1.30 tax incl.

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Width (mm) 5
Lenght (m) 1
Depth (mm) 0.6

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Home-made furniture or DIY veneer furniture repair? Antique furniture restoration or an inlaid cabinet renovation in your home by yourself? Contact us, we can help! The Naturtrend Online Shop awaits you with a wide selection of ready to use wood marquetry and a favourable inlay banding UK price!

The black and white herringbone motif of the INT-418 intarsias are a perfect match for making or restoring most inlaid furniture. All the marqetry we offer is made of wood, so making marquetry gives the impression of a natural, timeless effect on your furniture as well. These wood inlay designs made from different wood veneer materials, with different patterns and colours will enchant your home. The natural raw material allows you to varnish and sand the inlaid strip as you like during restoring antique furniture. With the help of wood marquetry, old, boring furniture is reborn, and in addition to being applied to wood inlaid furniture, making a gift box can easily go by using such creative wood raw materials, which is also a great gift idea.

It’s not uncommon for a grandmother’s chest of drawers to be inherited by the family, but it’s not just a well-deserved piece of furniture. Old furniture hides stories from ancient times, so the value of an inherited object is often invaluable. In order to preserve it in its old splendour for the next generation, let us renew it with love, patience, and the utmost care we can. This is aided by the range of intarsias we offer and the affordable inlay banding Uk price we offer so you don’t have to give up your plans.

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If you are a carpenter or you like to do handicrafts, our marquetry is ideal for you.
This wood inlay technique was originally centred in the Italian city of Sienna in the 11th century and much used to decorate church furniture and panels.