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INT-644 Naturtrend

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Wood intarsia in multicolour is a nice furniture decoration. The wood inlay strips are decorative wood art work for the wardrobes, picture frames, furniture restoration, woodworking projects.

Our Naturtrend Webshop offers several marquetry patterns, in several colors. All marquetry accessories are made of wood, so they can be varnished as desired during the making of marquetry at home.

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Width (mm) 5
Lenght (m) 1
Depth (mm) 0.6

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On the ancient time, Pliny writes that with the era of wood intarsia, the age of luxury has arrived. And indeed, marquetry lends a truly exclusive and eye-catching look to any piece of furniture and utility, be it a wood art work cabinet, a marquetry table, but also a great help when making a gift box.

Marquetry, wood inlay strips making is one of the most patient and time-consuming parts of the furniture industry, a really beautiful wooden inlay patterns can only be achieved with careful work and love for the profession. Prefabricated wood inlay strips are well suited for veneering. The most typical use is the inlaid framing of a veneered surface or veneer furniture repair.
Cutting wooden inlay patterns also requires great care. The marquetry length measurement should be very accurate, where necessary, cut rather a several times. In order to obtain continuous wooden inlay patterns, care must be taken in fitting the patterns. Wood intarsia is fragile, the risk of injury can be reduced by wetting when you work with them.

Most types of adhesives used in the wood industry can be used for wood inlay strips glueing. Iron can help to dry the glue faster. Be careful not to choose too high a temperature otherwise, the veneer will discolour.

Our Naturtrend Webshop marquetry supplies offer several marquetry patterns, in several colors and marquetry materials. All marquetry accessories are made of wood, so they can be varnished as desired during the making of wood intarsia at home. The INT-644 motifs will be the decoration of all inlaid tables and cabinets, fitting well with most furniture designs.

Why is the marquetry fillet 0.6 mm thick?

0.6 mm thick veneer is the most common in Europe, so it is best to produce in this width. If the veneer is thinner and the wood inlay strips need to be added to it, there is no problem either, as the two materials can be sanded together.

Enchant a little luxury in your home. Choose from a wide range of marquetry supplies available in the Naturtrend Webshop at affordable prices!

The wood intrsia technique was originally centred in the Italian city of Sienna in the 11th century and much used to decorate church furniture and panels with decoratve wood. If you like to do handycrafts, or you are carpenter our wood inlay art are ideals for your job or hobby.

Our marquetry supplies are made from classic and exotic wood. It’s very simple to use wood inlay art, but you need a lot of time to the preparation, because the marquetry is a delicate work. But the wonderful final result of a furniture restoration or woodworking projects will compensate. There are a great woodworkers supply in the webshop.