Ready to use wood inlay for repairing antique furniture

INT-743 Naturtrend

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The cutting of the wood inlay strips are preceded by an accurate length measurement, if necessary, measure several times. Making wood inlay is no longer only imaginable in artificial carpentry workshops. Furniture can also make at home. When fitting the wooden inlay patterns, make sure that they match and form a continuous pattern.
Easy repairing antique furniture with ready to use wood inlay.

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£ 3.40 tax incl.

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Width (mm) 10
Lenght (m) 1
Depth (mm) 0.6

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Marquetry in Arabic means insertion. It has been a popular decorative art element since ancient times, and even today they prefer to use the wood inlay technique. In some cases, the inserted wood is artificially coloured; in the past, trees discoloured by fungi were used for such purposes, but today many people use different water-based and alcoholic stains. We like natural things. The wooden inlay strips we offer are not surface-treated, so it can be varnished as desired. The INT-743 wood inlay patterns fits well with most furniture designs.

Our Naturtrend Webshop offers a wood inlay patterns that are made in several colours. The marquetry material is always wood, therefore it is a natural and timeless product. Making wood inlay is no longer just imaginable in artificial carpentry workshops, as with enough sense, attention, patience and loving care for marquetry, anyone can say that making furniture or repairing antique furniture at home is not a job, but a pleasure and a great recreation at the same time. The Naturtrend Webshop will help you with this, where not only a wide selection of wood inlay strips supply but also affordable wood inlay prices will encourage you to realize your plans.

On our website we have several tips at your disposal, so you can check the order of the unique marquetry pattern and what to look for when glueing and cutting the decorative strips.

Why is the marquetry 0.6 mm thick?

0.6 mm thick veneer is the most common in Europe, so it is best to produce in this width. If the veneer is thinner and the marquetry strip needs to be added to it, there is no problem either, as the two materials can be sanded together.

Our company also deals with the production and distribution of prefabricated wood inlay strips made of wood veneer. Our marquetry kits are made from classic and exotic wood repairing antique furniture for example.

If you like to do handicrafts DIY wood art work for example furniture repair, or you are carpenter our marquetry veneers are ideal for your job or hobby.  It’s a delicate work to make a wooden table decor, but it’s very simple to use it. And the final result will be beautiful.