Marquetry patterns with black and brown stripes

INT-305 Naturtrend

New product

The decorative wood strip is ideal for repairing antique furniture and woodworking projects DIY.

It is the dream of every intarsias raw material user to make furniture making at home with ease.  We offer a range of different marquetry supplies to keep the work going smoothly. Wide selection of marquetry patterns and a favorable marquetry veneer price on the Naturtrend Shop!

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£ 1.70 tax incl.

Data sheet

Width (mm) 6
Lenght (m) 1
Depth (mm) 0.6

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Our company also deals with the production and distribution of prefabricated decorative wood strip made of wood veneer. Our marquetry patterns are made from classic and exotic wood for veneer woodworking.

If you like to do handicrafts as do it yourself, or you are carpenter our wood inlay are ideals for your job or hobby.  The veneer woodworking is a delicate work, but it’s very simple to use our inlay banding. And the final result will be beautiful for example after the furniture repair.

You can use our marquetry supplies in many areas from the art of furniture making or restoring a period furniture to smaller enhancements and many other woodworking projects as well.

It is not uncommon for an antique wardrobe to be inherited by the family, which is not just a piece of furniture for them. It carries the memory of the hours and joys spent together, so the value of the inherited object is often invaluable. It is their job to preserve it in its old splendour for the next generation, to renew it with love, patience and the utmost care. This is aided by the range of marquetry supplies we offer and the affordable marquetry veneer price we offer so you don’t have to give up your plans for repairing antique furniture.

In our Naturtrend Webshop, the material of all intarsias is wood. A natural material that can be varnished at will during the making of marquetry at home. The marquetry patterns of the INT-305 part number will be the decoration of every marquetry table and cabinet, it fits well with most furniture designs, be it the restoration of antique furniture or modern home-made furniture making.

To work with decorative wood strips is a time-consuming craft activity that requires a lot of patience and attention. If we pay attention to some golden rules, there can be no failure. One such activity is the glueing of marquetry patterns during the works. Most types of adhesives used in the wood industry can be used to bond intarsias. Iron can help to dry the glue faster. Be careful not to choose too high a temperature, otherwise, the veneer will discolour.

Why is the marquetry fillet 0.6 mm thick?

0.6 mm thick veneer is the most common in Europe, so it is best to produce in this width. If the veneer is thinner and the decorative wood strip needs to be added to it, there is no problem either, as the two materials can be sanded together.

How is it possible to produce custom-shaped, patterned marquetry?

There are, but since making marquetry is very time consuming, it is only worth making over 500 meters. If the creation of a custom shaped marquetry is included in the request for quotation, we will not be able to start production for an order of 2,000 pieces.