Bead and barrel wood beading trim


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The decorative wood trim moulding offered by the Naturtrend crown molding webshop may use in a very versatile way, be it door casing, wood beading trim for furniture or decorative wood panels on kitchen cabinet door for restoring antique kitchen furniture. The timber moulding UK this unique bed and barrel pattern fits perfectly into contemporary interior design style. Made of beech wood.

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Decorative wood trim moulding reference code: B are available in two sizes from the Naturtrend crown moulding webshop. The available bead and barrel pattern wood beading trim are made of beech wood and we deliver with untreated surface, so they can be painted and varnished as you desired.

The decorative wood trim moulding made of wood may be used in many areas. It is suitable as a door casing or window casing,
but wood beading trim for repairing antique furniture is one of our popular products. Kitchen furniture may renew by crown moulding. Period furniture restoration at home is no longer an insurmountable task, our products are a great help for this.

Repairing antique furniture is not just a matter of expertise, but a matter of patience, creativity and meticulous attention to the details. Furniture is inherited from one generation to the next. They evoke memories, almost breathing, as if conveying a human connection between generations. We love Grandma’s well-deserved closet because: That's how it’s like she’s still living among us. We can take care of the period furniture properly with our products.
Take a look at the Naturtrend selection, find the right decorative wood trim moulding for you that you can use to make your home is more homely.

Some suggestions for using wood beading trim:

  •     Wallpaper plinth and decorative wood panels edging: thinner cover strips can also be fixed with gluing technology, thicker ones with dowels.
  •     Picture framing. The back of these bead and barrel decorative wood trim moulding is not grooved, we may frame it with special technology only (If we glue the frame to the “carrier” sheet of the image).
  •     Decorating furniture for example uses wood beading trim as a decorative element for door inserts.

Where are timber mouldings near me?

Please, you are here. The Naturtrend webshop offers you timber moulding UK in great arrangement. Buy online and we forward the goods to your doorstep by courier service.