Chair rail molding for reparing door casing and window casing


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Our Naturtend online shop now offer decorative wood trim moulding and chair rail molding. This fluted moulding made of beech wood. The surface is untreated. It can be easily pickled and painted.
The chair rail molding may use in many ways, if you need to make a decorative wood panels or repairing antique furniture but also for window casing and door casing.
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£ 2.30 tax incl.

£ 2.30 per m

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Buying the chair rail molding is easier through the pages of the Naturtrend webshop. The usability of decorative wood trim moulding is very versatile. The architrave moulding can be made into window casing or door casing easily. But if you like DIY build a decorative wood panels or like to repairing antique furniture the crown moulding Uk help you. The crown mouldng UK are made of beech wood. The surface are untreated, so they can be painted in any color and/or varnished.

We only sell whole thread of carved trim. Contact us for larger orders to get discount. If the value of the order does not reach 30-GBP,than we charge a packaging fee of HUF 3-GBP for packaging, due to the need for possible damage.

Practices for processing wooden moldings

Colouring and varnishing of architrave moulding accentuates the pattern better. Depending on the fiber direction of the wood, completely different the absorption of the paint into the wood. If you want to achieve even painting, use a filler primer such as Milesi.

With its simplicity of the decorative pattern, fluted moulding adapts well to any furniture design, but can only be classified as a modern style, where they tried to give up all unnecessary decoration. Even today, we come across furniture where color and material are given more emphasis than decorative elements. Due to its simplicity, this motif is an excellent decoration for any style.
With crown moulding UK you can significantly boost for example the look of a bookshelf. Design and decoration of decorative wood panels are elegant with carved patterns. In the process we create a groove on the surface of the decorative wood panels and place the carved moulding slats in this carefully shaped channel so that the decoration levels with front surface. In this case the moulding would not appear as a posteriorly mounted element but as an integral part of the woor panel.