Checkered decorative wooden moulding


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The decorative wooden with reference code “KT” has checkered decoration. The unique element of this moulding made of beech wood is that it has wooden joint splicings at its ends. The complete length of one piece is 71cm, it is available in multiple widths. Its design fits many styles, making its range of use very wide.

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£ 11.70 tax incl.

£ 11.70 per m

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The decorative wooden mouldings with reference code “KT” have a checkered design, making them suitable for most styles. Their beech surface is not treated, meaning it is freely varnishable or picklable. It can become a great wood crown moulding, moulding for panelling, or you can create window mouldings with it. It is also ideal if you plan to restore wood furniture.

We only sell full pieces. If the price of the products ordered does not reach 30 GBP we charge an additional 3GBP as packaging fee. To avoid any damage to the products, we attach the ordered mouldings to an osb board.

How to fix the decorative wooden moulding

There are multiple possible ways of fixation, based on the planned area of use. On a wooden surface smaller nails or wood glue is adequate, or perhaps both. When applying it to a wall, drilling is recommended. After drilling, use dowels and screws.

When we plan to restore wood furniture, we should be aware that it is not only a question of expertise, but also patience, creativity and care for the smallest details. Furniture passes on from generation to generation. They hold memories, almost as if maintaining a connection between the generations. We can easily grow to love old furniture that belonged to a dear loved one. With our products, you can properly take care of furniture precious to you. Check Naturtrend shop to find the decorative wooden moulding that can make your home feel more homely.

Take a look around in our webshop and let our products inspire you. By clicking on this link you can view furniture made with decorative wooden mouldings.

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