Lambs tongue moulding for decorative wood panel


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The fastest way to get wood decorative wood trim moulding if you visit the Naturtrend online shop  and order.  This lambs tongue moulding is made of beech wood.
These wood mouldings will help you to make decorative wood panel and wooden furniture restoration or door casing.
The surface of the wood mouldings are untreated. The wooden mouldings UK fits a wide variety of interior design styles.

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£ 5.80 tax incl.

£ 5.80 per m

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The fastest way to get lambs tongue moulding is ordering in Naturtrend webshop.
This decorative wood trim moulding is made of beech. If you like to paint and/or varnish you can do beacuse the lambs tongue moulding surface are untreated. The usability of the carved slat is versatile, just a few examples: door casing, making decorative wood panel, help wooden furniture restoration. The moldings can be perfectly matched to wide variety of interior design styles due to their even carved motifs.
We only sell whole threads of wood mouldings. If you order a larger quantity, contact us for discount. If the value of the order does not reach 30-GBP, we will charge a packaging fee of 3-GBP for packaging, in order to avoid possible damage.
Practices for processing wooden moldings
Painting and or varnishing the lambs tongue moulding accentuates the pattern better. Depending on the direction of the fiber of the wood, the wood absorbs the paint in a completely different way. If you want to achieve even painting on crown mouldings, use a filler primer such as Milesi.
Shortly after varnishing, the paint can be wiped back, so the varnish remains in the recesses and the darker tops look lighter. A spectacular solution is to paint and varnish even darker than the base.

Wood carving is one of the oldest arts of humankind. Moulding (also spelled molding in the United States though usually not within the industry), also known as coving (United Kingdom, Australia), is a strip of material with various profiles used to cover transitions between surfaces or for decoration.  MOULDINGS, the term in architecture for the decorative treatment given to projecting or receding features in stone, wood and other materials, by means of curved forms, whereby those features are accentuated and varied owing to the play of light and shade on the surfaces. The principal characteristics of all the European styles are to be found in the mouldings employed in them and in their ornamental decoration.