Carved running coin motifs on decorative wood trim moulding


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The running coin carved motifs on decorative wood trim moulding  made of beech. The wood mouldings have no surface treating, the carved slat can be painted and pickled as desired.
The wood beading trim with running coin pattern adapts to any interior design style. Versatile, just a few examples how you may use: door casing and window casing, wooden furniture restoration and moulding insert.

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The Naturtrend online store now offers wood mouldings with runing coin pattern made of beech wood. The wood beading trim on offer is sold with untreated surface. So it can be painted in any color you like. This special motif of running coin cannot be strictly classified as an interior design either, so it can be applied to all of them.
The usability of decorative wood trim moulding is very versatile for wood restorers, even
cabinet door mouldings or other cover strips can be made of it. It is indispensable during furniture renovation, kitchen furniture making, door casing and window casing.
We only sell whole threads of wood beading trim. If you order a larger quantity, contact us to get discounts. If the value of the order does not reach 30-GBP, we will charge a packaging fee of 3-GBP for packaging, in order to avoid possible damage.
Ideas for decorative wood trim moulding as door trim
Fashionable kitchen cabinet door front with antique surface. Here the wood mouldings UK is inserted into a thin milling. They then apply a darker layer of paint which is wiped back in a short time. After the dark layer dries, it receives a light stain and varnish. The paint remaining inside the carving recesses accentuates the pattern of running coin.
The motif of the uniquely designed wood beading trim with running coin pattern many people feel that most closely resembles the eye. The eye as a motif has preserved its impact on the human imagination for millennia. The eye is a mirror of the soul, the saying goes. It has long been believed that some human eyes are capable of emitting invisible energies, especially the blue-eyed have been attributed such power. In Egypt, Horus ’eyes marked protection and life. According to the occult sciences, the third eye helps man gain greater insight into the full reality. And so - the world is eye-catching, the saying goes. Order this beautiful wood mouldings UK as soon as possible so that you can decorate your wardrobes and furniture with it.

You can seal the edge of a plywood or wood panesl with carved wood moulding to enhance the furniture’s noble look. It is easy enrich a door panel or a mirror frame with decorative wood mouldings UK with running coin pattern. A carefully crafted moulding is a suitable decoration for a shop-window, or a facade, and indicates beautifully the border of a wallcovering. The carved moulding closes elegantly the edge of any plywood, blockboard or wood panel easily with glue. The use of a thin carved slat also allows the surface to be slightly curved.