Bamboo wallcovering
  • Bamboo blinds for wallpaper
  • Wall panelling materials
  • Bamboo for sliding closet doors
  • Bamboo room divider or hallway cladding
  • Bamboo wallcovering, bamboo blind or wall panelling materials
  • Bamboo wallcovering

This bamboo wallcovering woven with yarn is a great vision blocker, making it a great bamboo blind, but such rolls also work flawlessly as wall panelling materials. The interchanging lighter and darker strips that make them up are 3 and 20mm wide, respectively. The full length of the rolls is 15m, but we cut them to fit your desired size.

Bamboo is among the oldest plants on Earth. In Asia, they have been using it in interior design for thousands of years, but they always treat it with respect. In China, for example, bamboo represents endurance and tenacity. Nowadays, more and more people turn to bamboo, which is hardly a surprise: it grows very fast, making it a cornerstone of sustainable growth, and, of course, it is environmentally friendly, as it is a natural material.

The wallcovering we offer can be a hallway cladding but you can also build sliding closet doors or bamboo room dividers with it.

We offer jointing and edging strips for the bamboo cladding.

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Bamboo wallcovering, bamboo blind or wall panelling materials

Reference: C1C-180-1

The “C1C” bamboo wallcovering is a bamboo blind made of strips woven together with yarn. 10mm wide dark strips and 3mm wide natural colored strips follow each other. The bamboo roll is 15m long. It is painted, but not UV stable, therefore we recommend using it indoors. The bamboo blind is one of the best wall panelling materials.

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