Rattan webbing with home delivery
  • Rattan webbing with home delivery
  • Rattan webbing 90cm wide, rattan material
  • Rattan webbing as door insert
  • Rattan material, available in custom sizes as well
  • Rattan webbing for door inserts, room dividers
  • Rattan webbing 90cm wide, rattan material

Rattan webbing 90cm wide, rattan material

Delivery time: 3-6 workdays to arrive to United States

Reference: RA-3-90-1

First-class rattan webbing with a fiber width of 3 mm, natural design. The rattan webbing roll made from the inside of rattan can be dyed well, but it is not as strong as those made from worn bark. The material is 1.5 mm. Ideal for rattan panel inserts or door inserts. Rattan by the meter is a popular tool for vintage interior design.

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Available Products:


Base Price (per m): $34.40

Total Price : $34.40


Rattan webbing 90cm wide

The rattan webbing is made from the outer shell or the inside of the rattan. The products made from the inside of the rattan can be easily painted and pickled, but are not as strong as the ones made from the outside. The rattan webbing roll is made with either 5 or 3 mm wide fibers. This is also reflected in the reference codes of the rattan goods,marked RA-5 or RA-3 respectively. The thickness of the rattan fabric is 1.5 mm in both cases.

The rattan webbing can be made into a rattan screen or door insert, or can be used to make rattan panel inserts. It is a popular tool for vintage interior design.

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Vintage interior design

They say vintage is not simply a style, but a way of life. Although its meaning is old and shabby, today it has grown into a style of its own that affects fashion and interior design as well. Vintage has also conquered Hungary, and in the trade you can find products that are a combination of the modern and the old, or a rethinking of the old. One of its main aspects is perhaps its naturalness, just like the products we offer. If you look through the pages of the Naturtrend Webshop, you will find many products in addition to tonett and rattan materials, which will start a series of home decoration ideas in you.

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How can I get the rattan material at a discount?

The rattan material we offer can be purchased by the meter. It is also possible to order small quantities, we cut the product to the size you desire . When you buy a whole roll of rattan, we offer you two advantages: on the one hand, a 10% discount on the price of the product, and on the other hand, we waive the postage cost. In case of prepayment of a full roll, please do not transfer the amount indicated in the order, wait for our response.

On request, we will send you smaller samples in the size of 10*10 cm, making it easier for you to decide.

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