Crowm moulding with grape carving


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Naturtrend offer the decorative wooden mouldings with grape decorations. Wood carvings and furniture appliques are the favorite of today's interior design.
The grape carving imitating the decoration of these vines is made of exotic wood. Kitchen cabinet renovation at home? With our products, it's easier.
The FK-123 grape carving for decorating a wine cellar, restaurant, inn, wine bar.

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17,00 € tax incl.

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Grape vines are one of our oldest crops. Dionysus, the Greek god, the epitome of wine and intoxication, had a pound of wreaths of grape leaves on his head, holding a glass of wine and a long vintage stick adorned with grape leaves. Dionysus is synonymous with cheerfulness and vitality, so the grapes reminiscent of it evoke it.

The carved wooden mouldings UK adorned with grape vine decorations have become an indispensable element for the intimate, cozy furnishings of the wine cellar, inn and wine bar. But on the furniture we can also remember the connection of grapes to distant times.
Grape carving, decorative wooden mouldings motifs are among the excellent wine cellar ideas, but kitchen cabinet renovation and cabinet making is also unthinkable without wood carving. The Naturtrend online shop boldly recommends these artistic furniture appliques to its customers.

You can buy from us in small quantities, there is no minimum order, up to 1 piece can be ordered. Further interior design ideas for kitchens and wine cellars are waiting for you in our webshop.