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Greek key pattern decorative wood moulding for doors panels, to refurbish furniture

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Reference: G
Material: Beech

The decorative wood moulding with reference code “G” is made of beech wood. It is 250cm long and has three available widths. It has a pattern resembling Greek designs. It has its natural surface, meaning it can be freely varnished, pickled. The greek key pattern moulding is very useful if you plan to refurbish furniture, it is great as crown moulding and as moulding for doors panels as well.

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Total Price : $7.60

Decorative wood moulding with greek key pattern

The greek key pattern is a classic decoration, it fits well to most interior design styles. This decorative wood moulding works great as a crown moulding or as moulding for doors panels or for windows. It can be used in numerous ways if you decide to refurbish furniture. Professionals and hobby users alike often choose this product when they look for decorative wood molding for furniture.

Favourable discount on purchases decorative wood moulding

We offer a quantity discount from the prices of the products marked with red, based on the ordered amount. We only sell full pieces. If the overall price of the products ordered does not reach 30 GBP, we charge an additional 3 GBP as packaging fee. To avoid any damage coming to the ordered products, we attach them to an osb board, without any additional charges.

The greek key pattern resembles the classicist style, which often borrows antique motifs. Such furniture radiates pride and lends an idyllic feeling to its surroundings. The motif is not too complex, however, therefore it fits well to most interior design styles.

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