Wood mouldings to repair furniture
  • Wood mouldings to repair furniture
  • Crown moulding made of natural beech
  • Decorative wood mouldings for repair furnitures.
  • Decorative wood mouldings for furniture or doors

Pyramid, decorative wood mouldings, crown moulding, cabinet moulding

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Reference: R
Material: Beech

The decorative wood mouldings with pyramid shaped pattern, reference code “R” , are made of beech wood. Their length is 250cm, their width is 10mm. They are a preferred choice by professionals as wooden skirting boards or furniture decorations. They are not treated, meaning their surface can freely be varnished or pickled. All in all a great choice for many purposes.

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Base Price : $4.90

Total Price : $4.90

Decorative wood moulding with pyramid pattern

The pyramid patterned decorative wood mouldings have a wide range of use, from crown moulding, to cabinet moulding or furniture decoration. It is for sale in untreated condition, it can be freely varnished or pickled. The pyramid motif cannot be categorized into one style only, making it adjustable to most of them. Therefore, it is a great, versatile tool for when you decide to build or repair furniture. We only sell complete pieces. If the price of the ordered products does not reach 20 EUR, we charge an additional 5 EUR as packaging fee.

Repair furniture with wood moulding

Pyramids, the buildings these mouldings’ pattern imitates, are known throughout the whole world. The Egyptian pyramids are the oldest known buildings in such shape. What is fascinating about these structures is that it should not be possible to build such things with the tools available in the age they were built in, leading many to believe the ancient Egyptians had alien help in the construction. Though unique products, pyramid patterned decorative wood mouldings are guaranteed to be made without using extraterrestrial technology. See for yourself!

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