Diamond trellis panels for radiator coverage, available with home delivery
  • Diamond trellis panels for radiator coverage, available with home delivery
  • Diamond trellis panels for radiator coverage, pine
  • Decorative door panel inserts made of pine
  • Wooden trellis for radiator trellis and wood air vent cover or room divider screen
  • Decorative door panel inserts made of natural, quality pine

Diamond trellis panels for radiator coverage, pine

Delivery time: 3-6 workdays to arrive to United States

Reference: APC-06

These diamond trellis panels we offer in Naturtrend Shop are available in 65x125cm size and made out of pine. The wooden lattice panels with reference code APC-06 are recommended for indoor use, where they are known as great decorative door panel inserts, wardrobe doors or thin radiator covers. Click here to view diamond trellis panels in custom sizes.

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Base Price : $37.90

Total Price : $37.90

Pine wooden lattice panels for an elegant solution

The wooden lattice panels we offer are available on the Naturtrend Online Shop in 65x125cm size, with 15mm thick slats. Their reference code is APC-06, their price includes VAT. The things one can use diamond trellis panels for are widely known: they are not only popular is thin radiator covers and decorative door panel inserts for wardrobe doors, but also make great space separators or even cost-effective vestibule doors can be built out of them.

We recommend the diamond trellis panels for indoor use, and you can even order them in customized sizes. Please keep in mind that delivery takes more time that way, as the production of wooden lattice panels is a long procedure. See our website for the prices and custom sizes available.

In older times, a lot of furniture was built in and made an immovable part of the house. Fancy furnishings were only affordable for the wealthy while others had to make do with functional accessories. In time, though, interior design has changed, and nowadays we emphasize creating our apartment feel like home, a place where we can relax and live in comfort. This is only possible, however, if our living space is compatible with our personality.

The diamond trellis panels cover up

An old radiator that still works but is not too easy on the eye can easily reduce comfort - but there is a solution! The diamond trellis panels we offer are perfect as thin radiator covers that make the old timer a real gem of our apartment. Aside from being highly decorative, they allow proper ventilation and allow the passage of warm air. The required money and effort is definitely worth it as they are nowhere near as expensive as other possible solutions.

Click here if you are interested in our other wood lattice panel products!

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