Wooden lattice panels to build room dividers
  • To be used as wooden door panels, or for a radiator cabinet
  • Maple panels ideal for internal air vent covers
  • Wooden lattice panels to build room dividers

The APC21 Maple wood lattice panel has a board size of 65x125 cm, is 15mm wide and 2,5mm thick. Vertical and horizontal bars run 90' so that the grids form  13x13mm equilateral rectangles. We recommend this product for indoor use.
In the hands of a skilled craftsman it is a useful material for creating  wooden door panels, radiator cabinets, internal air vent covers and excellent as a room divider.

The size of the wood trellis panel can be custom made when you order, all you need to know is that you have to buy the whole panel, then we will cut it to the size you need.
You will receive the requested size and the pieces that have fallen off. The exact prices are available at Naturtrend.

Free sample and safe delivery!

To make your decision easier, we will send you a free sample pack with 10x10cm samples. All you have to do is contact us at info@naturtrend.com.

To ensure that your ordered woodblocks arrive in perfect condition, we will deliver them fixed by a supporting plate and we will not charge you for special packaging.


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Method of use
Air-permeable material
False ceiling
Radiator cover

Wood trellis panel of maple

Reference: APC-21

The APC21 Maple wood trellis panel from Naturtrend is available in 65x125cm board size. The bars are 15mm wide and 2,5mm thick. The bars run vertically and horizontally 90' apart, so the grids form equilateral 13x13mm rectangles.
The wood comes in the natural, untreated form. It is recommended for indoor use, excellent as a room divider.

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