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The wooden feet for furniture, the wooden legs for cabinets, the wooden bed legs for the couch, table legs design in a modern and periodic style for coffee tables, furniture legs for a modern table and many other design are available in our selection in the Naturtrend Shop. We sell real wooden legs for furniture made of real wood.

The surface of our wooden legs for furniture are untreated and can be varnished or painted as you required. The carpenter and the DIY project may use these wooden legs for cabinets. Also may use as kitchen cabinet feet or a replacement bed legs these design in modern style. But wooden feet for furniture can also be made of oak, ash or linden. These Furniture feet can be used for office furniture, kitchen furniture, living rooms, bedrooms, to name just a few examples. These rectangular modern wooden legs for furniture are mainly used in modern surroundings.

Furniture is the silent companion of our everyday life; There are when we need them, serving us like a good servant or chambermaid. Modernism viewed furnishings from a new perspective, more from the point of view of function. The relationship between space and furniture is weighted, one tries to create a uniform appearance with lines and colors.

This wooden feet for furniture you can also know as furniture leg ikea.


Wooden feet for furniture in cube form

Reference: AS-DN-03-B

The AS-DN-03 wooden feet for furniture dimensions are 40 mm x 40 mm, the height is 50 mm made of beech. Naturtrend’s wooden legs for furniture apply as wooden legs for cabinets in the living room or replacement bed legs for the bedroom that meets every need. Design of our wooden legs for furniture fit for all styles for a beautiful and comfortable home.
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