Square wooden furniture leg, 250mm tall
  • Square wooden furniture leg, 250mm tall
  • Square wooden furniture leg made of beech
  • Square wooden furniture leg, 250mm tall, tapered wood legs, beech

Square wooden furniture leg, 250mm tall, tapered wood legs, beech

Reference: AS-DN-21

The diameter of the AS-DN-21 wooden furniture leg is 90 mm, the height is 250 mm, the material is beech. It is rectangular, widening upwards, and there is a semicircular decorative milling around the top. This furniture leg is made of natural beech wood, so its surface treatment can be freely chosen. Ideal for renovating old furniture. Great as wooden legs for couch or table.

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Total Price : $16.60

Square wooden furniture leg

Wooden furniture legs occupy an important place among furniture accessories. After all, it is important that the chosen table legs fit well when restoring furniture. The AS-DN-21 square wooden furniture leg can function well when you are looking for wooden legs for couch, wooden legs for sofas, tables, or cabinets.

The raw material of the wooden furniture legs is a renewable resource

All the furniture legs we sell are made of wood. These tapered wood legs are made of beech wood.

Furniture is a silent companion in our lives. They are available when we need them, they serve us like a good butler or maid. Modern style looked at furnishings with a new eye, putting their purpose first. This beautiful design table leg can easily be combined with both modern and antique furniture styles.

If you need help with your decision, take a look at Naturtrend's range to find the best style of carved furniture legs for your furniture. We only offer products made from natural ingredients. Natural beauty for sustainability.

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