Checked inlay banding for restoring furniture
  • Checked inlay banding for restoring furniture
  • Marquetry designs for repairing furniture, home delivery
  • Checked inlay banding for restoring furniture
  • Marquetry designs for repairing furniture.
  • Inlay banding checked, wood.
  • Inlaid veneer now available cheaply for joinery work
  • Wood Inlay with modern and traditional patterns.

Checked marquetry supplies

Delivery time: 3-6 workdays to arrive to United States

Reference: INT-349

The inlay banding strips with checked pattern are famous furniture decorations in marquetry art. Choose from the wide selection of products at Naturtrend webshop. You can select from over 25 prefabricated wood marquetry designs to find the one you really like. Repairing furniture is no longer a problem!

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Total Price : $3.10

Marquetry - The decoration of wood and the secret of creative furniture restore

Wood marquetry on furniture is the main decoration of custom-made furniture, a tool for creativity and self-expression. Intarsia allows you to give your home a cosy and stylish look, adding a unique character not only to your furniture but also to your home.

Discover this interesting intarsia inlay

Nowadays, everyone is looking for the most convenient and safest way to get what they want. Naturtrend Webshop will certainly help you to do so, as the range of furniture marquetry designs and marquetry supplies on offer on the online interface is quick and easy to browse. And our inlay banding strips prices will convince you that we are the right partner for you if you are planning on making on repairing furniture. This interesting inlaid wood pattern INT-349 is also one of the creative wood materials, as it can be used in any furniture renovation.

Making marquetry designs, intarsia decorative elements is one of the most patient and time-consuming parts of the furniture making profession or when repairing furniture. A beautiful marquetry pattern can only be achieved with careful work and a love of the craft. Prefabricated marquetry strips are useful when restoring furniture, making the job much faster. The most common use is the inlay framing of veneered surfaces. Cutting wood inlay also requires great care. The length measuring of the inlay should be very precise, cutting several times where necessary. To obtain a continuous inlay pattern, you must take care when matching the patterns. Wood marquetry is fragile and the risk of damage can be reduced by adding moisture.

There are a few other things to keep in mind when making inlay banding strips, such as gluing the wood veneer. Most types of glue used in the woodworking industry can be used to glue the inlay. You can use an iron to help the glue dry faster. Be careful not to use a temperature that is too high, otherwise the veneer will discolour.

Why is the marquetry fillet 0.6 mm thick?

The 0.6 mm thick veneer is the most common in Europe, so this is the most practical width to produce. If the veneer is thinner and you need to add the intarsias, there is no problem as you can sand the two materials together.

In our Naturtrend website there is various marquetry patterns from different colors and materials. Click on this text for more wood inlays.

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