Marquetry for furniture restoration
  • Marquetry for furniture restoration
  • Prefabricated marquetry for decorating furniture
  • Wood marquetry designs for woodworking projects
  • Marquetry inlays to refurbish furniture
  • Wood marquetry designs checked for woodworking projects
  • Prefabricated marquetry for decorating furniture
  • Prefabricated marquetry and other decorative intarsias elements.

Wood marquetry designs checked for woodworking projects

Delivery time: 3-6 workdays to arrive to United States

Reference: INT-470

Marquetry decorative elements, such as the INT-470 with checked pattern, gives not only the furniture but the whole room a unique character. Whether you're a cabinetmaker or a hobby crafter, the inlaid table is a unique, handcrafted creation. No need to bother with complicated machines, intarsias can be purchased to refurbish furniture.

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The fine details of marquetry bring the furniture to life

Using marquetry not only gives the furniture, but the whole room a unique character. Although each style has its own intarsia motifs, there is no need to make compromises, as it is the atmosphere created by the decoration that counts. Inlaid patterns are made of natural materials and therefore create a natural effect, which is an important requirement in interior design nowadays. Whether you are a cabinet maker or a hobby craftsman, an inlaid table is a work of art. Purchasing decorative elements can be done online in the comfort of your home from the Naturtrend Design shop.

Discover the joy of refurbishing furnitures with intarsias

The prefabricated intarsias can be used for veneering. The most popular use is to frame a veneered surface with inlay, but if the wood paneling is done at home or an inlaid dresser is being refurbished, the inlay pattern can be used as well. The thickness of the inlay is 0.6 mm, the same as the most common veneers, so it can be fitted into the veneer without any problem. The handling of inlay patterns is no different from the treatment of veneers, the only difference is that they are more fragile due to their small width, which can be reduced by moistening.

There are a few other things to keep in mind when restoring inlaid furniture, such as gluing the veneer marquetry. Most types of glue used in the woodworking industry can be used to glue inlaid wood. You can help the glue to dry faster by using an iron. Be careful not to use too high temperature, otherwise the veneer will discolour.

Marquetry inlays for sale at Naturtrend webshop!

Is it possible to produce custom-shaped, intarsia wood patterns elements?

It is, but as the inlay is very time-consuming, it is only worth producing over 500 metres. If a custom inlay is included in the request for quotation, we cannot manufacture it for orders under 2,000 pieces.

How long does it take for the marquetry strip to reach me?

You can order online our marquetry kits via web. We will dispatch them by courier service. The courier service needs 3-5 workdays to transport the goods to your home.

In our Naturtrend website there is various marquetry patterns from different colors and materials. Click on this text for more wood inlays.

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