Intarsias with flower marquetry patterns to decorate furniture, or for picture frames
  • Intarsias with flower marquetry patterns to decorate furniture, or for picture frames
  • Wood marquetry for repairing furniture with home delivery
  • Intarsia for restoring furniture
  • Wood marquetry for repairing furniture
  • Intarsias with flower marquetry patterns
  • Inlays for decorating furniture made of real wood can be sanded and varnished
  • Prefabricated wood inlay for restoring furniture.

Intarsias with flower marquetry patterns

Delivery time: 3-6 workdays to arrive to United States

Reference: INT-870

You can use our intarsias for veneering, such as the present INT-870 marquetry. The intarsia is the same thickness as the most commonly used veneers, it does not require any special woodworking skills and is easy to fit. Make your job of making or repairing furniture easier and faster with our quality wood marquetry! Take a look around Naturtrend Shop for more quality furniture accessories!

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Base Price : $10.10

Total Price : $10.10

Intarsia is a gift of handicraft and creativity

In contrast to the large-scale industrial furniture production experienced on a national or world level, inlaid furniture is a craft activity that cannot be mechanised. This may explain why today we admire more the masterpieces of this ancient craft, objects made using intarsias, whether it is repairing furniture at home or making an inlaid cabinet.

Restaurating furnitures at home easily

Today, everyone is looking for the most convenient and safest way to get the product they ordered. Naturtrend Shop helps you with this too, as the range of woodworking supplies on the online interface is just a few clicks away. All inlay patterns are made of wood, so the inlay material we sell has a natural effect, which is an important requirement in interior design nowadays. And the inlaid wood prices we offer guarantee that you will find us a company worth coming to. We also make sure that the creative materials you order are delivered to your home without damage, which is why we fix them to a wooden board before delivery.

There are a few other things to keep in mind when making marquetry, such as gluing the wood inlay strips UK. When gluing the inlay, most types of glue used in the woodworking industry can be applied. You can use an iron to help the glue dry faster. Be careful not to choose too high temperature, otherwise the veneer will discolour.

Is it possible to produce custom-shaped, intarsia wood patterns elements?

It is, but as the wood marquetry is very time-consuming, it is only worth producing over 500 metres. If a custom inlay is included in the request for quotation, we cannot manufacture it for orders under 2,000 pieces.

In our Naturtrend website there is various marquetry patterns from different colors and materials. Click on this text for more wood inlays.

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