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The wood feet for furniture AS-AL-03 can be used for almost all styles of furniture, as their design allows this. They have the classic square design, with circular milling on the top. If they must be classified as something, these square legs for table can be associated best with the Chippendale era.

The English Chippendale was an admirer of chinoiserie, he combined it with gothic, classicist elements reminiscent of French rococo. Its eclecticism makes it possible to satisfy the needs of the most diverse social strata, from the aristocracy to the bourgeoisie. Depending on their function, their furniture legs are thin, curved or straight, but in any case they are graceful and are worthy additions to the lacquered, carved and painted furniture of the period.

The wooden leg for table is sold in three types of wood: beech, oak, ash.

It can be used equally when we plan to restore wood furniture, if you need square legs for table, for example, but it also holds its own as a chair leg. The surface of these turned wooden furniture legs is not treated, meaning the user can freely decide on its varnishing and painting.

If you need help with your decision, take a look at Naturtrend's selection to find the most suitable turned table legs and furniture legs for your furniture. We only offer products made from natural ingredients. Natural beauty for sustainability.

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Wood feet for furniture, Chippendale style

Reference: AS-AL-03-3-B

The wooden feet for furniture AS-AL-03 are available in three sizes. They are made of ash, oak or beech wood. Their design is a classic rectangular design with decorative milling in a circle at the top. The wooden leg for table is ideal for renovating, not just tables, they are also a first class solution as chair legs. Their surface is in their natural state, so it can be painted or varnished.

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