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Extremely beautifully designed, first class turned table legs, that can perhaps be mostly classified to the style of English Hepplewhite.

In the second half of the 18th century, the talent of the greatest masters in England manifested itself in theoretical work. Designer and contractor are no longer necessarily the same person. George Hepplewhithe's significance was discovered only after his death. His furniture is known for their natural grace. The furniture foot, the chair with a straight line, cylindrical or angular shape, is a worthy complement to the silk furniture and characteristic backrests of the time.

The shape of these wooden legs for furniture resemble that of a hairpin: they have the shape of a truncated cone, resembling the style of Hepplewhite and tha tof the Regency era of British history. They are available from three different wood types: ash, oak or beech. Furniture restoration is a much easier task with proper accessories such as these!

This is not the only wooden leg for table we offer. Browse Naturtrend Shop online and find the furniture legs and other accessories you need to restore wood furniture!. We only offer products made from natural ingredients. Natural beauty for sustainability.

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Wooden legs for furniture, antique style turned table legs

Reference: AS-AL-06-1-B

The AS-Al-06 wooden legs for furniture are available in three sizes and three wood types: ash, oak or beech. The wooden leg for table is essentially a turned cylinder more accurately truncated cone shape. It is ideal for furniture restoration, as it makes a great chair leg or table leg. It is made in natural design so it can be painted and varnished.

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