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These carved wooden furniture feet can be classified as modern furniture legs. With their simple but elegant shape, these tapered furniture feet can be useful for restoring furniture, as wooden chair legs or wooden legs for tables. You can choose from three types of wood: beech, oak, or ash.

In Classicism, furniture design followed simpler forms. Thick forms have been replaced by graceful elements. This clean form echoes the modern era. Color and material are more emphasized than the decorative elements, the clean surface treatment pushes the decorations into the background.

If you need help with your decision, take a look at Naturtrend's selection to find the most suitable wooden furniture legs for your furniture in terms of style. We only offer products made from natural ingredients. Natural beauty for sustainability.

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Wooden furniture feet, three available wood types

Reference: AS-AL-09-1-B

The wooden furniture feet AS-AL-09 are modern style tapered furniture feet. Simple rectangular design, tapering downwards. A great choice for a wooden leg for restoring furniture, like desks or old chairs. They are available in three sizes and three types of wood. Their surface is natural, so it can be painted and varnished.

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