Wooden furniture legs, table legs, chair legs, 73cm
  • Wooden furniture legs, table legs, chair legs, 73cm
  • Wooden furniture legs, table legs, 73cm tall
  • Wooden leg for table, made of beech
  • Wooden dining table legs made of beech wood
  • Wooden leg for table, made of beech

Wooden furniture legs, table legs, chair legs, 73cm

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Reference: LAL-39

LAL-39 is a turned wooden fleg for table, 6 cm wide and 73 cm high. These types of wooden furniture legs are really beautifully crafted pieces. The cylinder-shaped foot is embellished with balls and scone-like decorations. Furniture carpenters like to choose them, they have a natural design, so it is easy to adapt them to the existing furniture.

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Ball and patty decorative turned wooden table leg

The LAL-39 turned wooden furniture legs are 6 cm wide and 73 cm high. The beautifully crafted natural table legs are excellent to restore old furniture with, or even to build new furniture with them. Furniture joiners and hobby users are happy to choose them, as they are easy to work with.

How are turned table legs or chair legs made?

Turning is a cutting process for machining rotating bodies. The workpiece is attached to a horizontal axis. In our case, this means a prepared piece of beech wood. Having reached the appropriate speed, the specialist cuts chips from the rotating work drum with the help of a special single-edged chisel. This is how you create the desired furniture leg shape. Of course, templates are now available to make the job easier. However, to this day, this activity requires great expertise and skill. When the workpiece has acquired its final form, only the sanding remains. As well as processing and separating the ends from the machine.

Countless shapes and sizes can be made with the process. It can be made: cabinet legs, armchair legs, but also wooden dining table legs

If you want to use this decorative wooden leg for table in your home, order it from Shop Naturtrend. If you need help making a decision, take a look at our entire selection and find the furniture legs and wooden table legs that suit you best. We only offer products made from natural ingredients. Natural beauty for sustainability.

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