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  • Radio weave cane webbing with home delivery

Radio weave cane webbing, radiator cabinet

Reference: PROP-2x2-90

Our product PROP-2x2-90 is a decor reed fabric with holes. Its total width is 90 cm. Our radio weave cane webbing is a material woven from folded and rolled cellulose (paper) strips used in the Far East. The strips are 2mm wide. The square holes are 2x2 mm in size. It can be used as an excellent door insert, indoor room divider or radiator cabinet.

Available Products:


Base Price (per m): $35.50

Total Price : $35.50


Amount discounts

Reference Roll Length Discount
PROP-2x2-90 15.24 m 10% / roll

In what cases can we use the PROP-2x2-90 radio weave cane webbing?

This holey decor reed material is also well ventilated and ensures undisturbed air flow. Therefore, it is perfectly suitable for making radiator covers and radiator covers.

If our goal is to make a ventilated cabinet door, then the decorative fabric with holes is a great choice for making the door front.

How can we clean this radio weave webbing?

The material is impregnated, so it can also be cleaned with a wet cloth.

The product must not be soaked before use. First, the material must be stapled (fixed) to the frame and then the unnecessary edges must be cut off.

This door insert material is light and well ventilated. Its price is advantageous compared to the price of rattan reed fabric.

Just like our other rattan goods by the meter, this material is also available in rolls. The length of a roll is 15.24 meters. But of course we will cut the desired amount for you. If you buy a whole roll, we give you a 10% discount and free postal delivery.

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Data sheet

Method of use
Air-permeable material
Decorative fabric
False ceiling
Radiator cover
Reed fabric strength
Decor quality
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